16 October 2005

Woo Ga Chon Korean BBQ Restaurant - Bloggers Geng Eats Out Nite

Many thanks to n305er for introducing this Korean Restaurant to us. This Korean Restaurant is run by Hayanna's mom.

Friday Nite Paultan, KY, WH?, Fox, Horny and Me armed with map supplied by DSaint we decided to strom this Woo Ga Chon Korean BBQ Restaurant. Not very difficult to find provided you dont ask a NOOB like me to lead LOL! *guys soli for the 3 point turn and U turn okay*

Buden the food were fantastic and worth every effort of going there. For further details Pls either goto KY's or this blog on Monday, the food review will be done by WH? on this blog. Im a NOOB when come to review food so I better let the expert handle that part of it.

I just wanna share with you a short Video Clip of the Korean BBQ dinner and the amount of plates thats on the table .... its awesome!!! KY call this a Sit-down-buffet, you wanna know why ? hehe ask him la! :P

NOTE : To ensure smooth Video playback, please pause the Video while its loading. Wait till its done loading then you can start playing it .

Or click here for the Video : Link

The Price ? RM160.00 for 6 NOOBs
The Waiting ? (for Paultan) Pain-in-The-Ass
The Food ? Priceless.....
Very TEH Recomended !!!

The Details :

Woo Ga Chon Korean BBQ Restaurant
G20 Jalan Sulaiman 1 ,
Taman putra sulaiman, 68000 Ampang,
Tel : 4270 4211

Update : U'll get 10% discount if you mention Hayanna's name and free Soju too, err whatever that is lol!

The Map
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

KY blogs bout Woo Ga Choon - Link


  1. always wanto eat korea foods but it was toooooo blooooody mahaI la...

    ok ok wil go try try one day.
    but wat does it mean "It's further in from Amapng point..."
    can give detail abit not??

  2. LocKee : Updated the post with a map ledi

  3. Wingz

    Another MalaysiaBoleh for the Guiness Record.... the SHORTEST video clip ever!! What lar, show more lar... so kedekut. :-(

  4. WAH .... Wingz recorded a video for all his fans to see ...

    SO KENG! Eh, no need the map la, you bring me la k?


  5. your map is teh noob, check out mine, NOW! hehehehe.

    I gave alternate road, easier to go lah. No need to go through 3 u-turns.

  6. wingz "hehehe" is sooooo EEEVVVIIILLL! :P

  7. Eh..
    Where I got intro the restaurant? I sendiri also not yet go try. -_-

  8. helen : purposely wanna make u all stim one lol

    liz : when when ? when u lemme date u go korean food ? i want ~~~

    Ky : MCH your map is teh NOOB!!!

    Buaya : that one luffing is KY laaa not me!!!

    n305er : got leh .. u post a komen kat the "cibai meat post" i got the info from there wan lol!

  9. Oh yeah... Did you find anymore C*bai meat? lol


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