6 October 2005

PunchED While Sleeping

4am ... I was deep in slumberland dating with Mr.Chow's doter when suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my stomach, TWICE!! That actually woke me up from my daily hibernation, I sit up and look around "WTF??!! who hit me?" everyone is sleeping, thinking i was just dreaming i went back to sleep. Not even 1 minit down the line i was hit again!!! this time i caught the bastard. It was my Bini.

"Oi!" I call to her "why you whack me ?" she opened her eyes abit and mumbled "I where got whack you ?"
"You punched me 3 times ledi la!" ... she no reply me after that obviously she is lost in dream land again.

*This morning*
Me : Alo why you whack me when I m sleeping?
Bini : I did ?
Me : Yes you did, i caught you red handed
Bini : ARGH!! I dream of hitting you also .... hahahaha I really hit you ar ?
Me : Yes! 3 times ok!
Bini : I think i dream about you doing something bad to me thats why i punched you
Me : Next time please goto bed with a straight jacket ok ? I dont want you dreaming about chopping me into 18 pieces

What a great excuse to whack your other half huh ? U just wait! tonite my turn to dream pulak!!! I will be dreaming about Ultraman Vs Godzilla.


  1. Are you the Ultraman or Godzila?

    If you are Ultraman, means your bini is Godzilla lah~! khikhihki~!

  2. luckly not tan-tang u from the katil, lol...dream about king kong and the fair maiden ler...you get to squeeze your bini...bwhahahaha! Cheers!

  3. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Tsk, tsk, tsk if u r ultraman be careful wor. Usually at the crucial moment, his light will start to blink and lose power. Better prepare yourself with animal anatomy or Ali Cane 1st.... if not... aotar man already.

  4. aiyoh u canot hit ur bini wan hor otherwise u dont getit animor hor!

  5. jason : what cilaka lu wanna trick me into answering your trick question !!!

    cameljoe : eiyer .. u very hamsup!!

    helen : no blink one this ultraman running on nuclear reactor lol

    wuching : wuah u traitor!!! which side are you on ?

    BM : Traitor!!!

  6. Then you wear protective vest and helmet macam Ultraman lor

  7. Need help and want to confirm from u people.

    i was told the Dinosaur disappear from the Earth bcoz of UITRAMAN who kill them all.

    Plz advise

  8. hmmmmm naughty leh...

    tarzan and jane leh?


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