13 October 2005

Spesel Recipe for Bulan Ramadhan - Nasi Ayam Spesel

This Post i wanna dedicate too all Muslim comrades, they all Berposa in this Holy month of Ramadhan month so by afternoon they all very tired/half dead/pancit edi. Sommo they hafta cook after they rush home also ... memang torturous.

So I wanna make their life easier by introducing a very simple recipe for
Nasi Ayam Spesel (Special Chicken Rice) , this recipe is pass down by my grandpa to my dad and my dad to me so consider very very traditional wan lar! Its is very to make and will be ready in minutes! save time and save energy ! sungguh sesuai untuk Bulan Posa ini.

Ok here goes,

Ingredient :
a.) 1 kilo dry corn (jagung kering) can get at any mini market
b.) 3 kilo of rice (leave overnight in the fridge)
c.) 2 cup of water
d.) Salt to taste
e.) Leftover/unfinished vegetable in the fridge

Steps :
1.Pour water into a big bowl
2. Mix rice with water, mix till even.
3. Pour all dry corn into the bowl and mix evenly also.
4. Throw in all the remaining vege and mix again.

Then goto the chicken den behind your house and serve to your chicken. While doing so its best if you start making sound like "
kok kokk kokkkk" (in chicken tok its like eating time!!!)

Serves : 20-30 mid size chicken.

Chicken Den/Reban Ayam

Selamat Berposaaaaaa~~~

This post is an inspiration from Dsaint (ok la not inspiration la ... I curi his idea wan ... shhh... dont tell him lol!) eh his blog also got free Raya ringtone for download also ... even mp3 also got! faster go and pirate download

*Updates : This is not a racist post, those farkers who think this is a racist post pls get a life. This is a post i dedicate to all my muslim friends. The word "pancit" means
fatigue if you dunno what is that pls click on that word itself, I even did a search for you. This is the way me and my malay friends talk ie : "aku tak boleh main bola lama sangat, half game dah pancit dah". So pls chill and dont turn this into a racist post. This is perfectly a greeting post and there is nothing wrong with it.


  1. wahahahahaha.... rotfl! damnit, this is very funny!

  2. Lucky I not buta-buta plug you at my food blog http://malaysiabest.net (purposely whoring here) and tell people to cook the Nasi ayam spesel. LOL! Want to put some cacing tanah inside or not? Nicer la.

  3. Aiya..me living far away and missing all the yummy food..u raised my hope lah.. and now my stomak all sakit after labing so much

  4. Anonymous2:59 pm


    Thank you for your recipe. This is Eastern cuisine. Any Western recipe to cater to the Western chicks or not? (Holland ghai aka turkey?)

  5. "they all Berposa in this Holy month of Ramadhan month so by afternoon they all very tired/half dead/pancit edi"

    the words Berposa and pancit made me laugh ... @_@ Dunno why. :P

  6. wahahahhahaha!!this rojak fella too much lah!!!!

  7. Brady arp, pakcik rojaks tricked us! that is not nasi ayam....that's nasi for the ayam...argggghhh...bad, bad rojak. Cheers!

  8. totoro : hehehe funny lehhhhhh

    5xmom : wuah my recipe is about food also ler .. plug me !! dont discriminate me!!!! :P

    immigrant : u seponsor me goto Canada la then i bring food for u lol

    helen : aiyaks ... gua cina ahpek ler dunno how to make nasi ayam USA lol

    liz : Berposa and pancit also funny ka ? this is the sign u addicted to rojaks liow ler lol

    totoro : wuah ... -_-"

    joec : no trick u leh ... nasi ayam spesel wat ? speseli made for ayam wan lol!

  9. oi..is me lah, I tell you, i come here simply give one comment here nothing to do with your post. u better somehow reply, if not.. no free analysis, no free survey, no report, no femes k. I tell u, pple pay me to do all this u know.. but tengok u ni rojak only me tak ada charge.

  10. no rojaks ayam ka?

    ayam that man...

  11. lolz..then nasi kambing special use rumput+jagung?

  12. can see this is very special for those ayam... LOL!

  13. carryn : wuah datin come liow !!! suma kasi main kompang !!!! lion dance cepat mula !!! mersun jugak kasi bakar oi!!!

    quick : rojaks ayam ? ayam kampung+ayam belanda ?

    mob : wuah jangan itu majiam kawan ... nanti polis mali ketuk aku mia pintu oiiii -_-"

    hooiching : nasi kambing spesel kite bikin for depavali nanti ok ka ? nanti aku ajar okeh ? lol

    wong : aiyer .... lu ayam mia kaki ka ? lol

  14. Anonymous9:14 am

    cheh, potong my stim oni. I was reading so carefully....thought got what spesel recipe!

  15. Anonymous9:58 am

    Whether it is to jump start your day or to end it with a smile, I will alwaz be'ere for ya. I might need not to know your name .... I just need you to leave smilling.

    *then we no need post comment adi lor.

  16. apala .. i thought nasi ayam for us. human


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