28 October 2005

Malay Mail's Good Pubic's Response

Mr.X : Malay Mail says Karamjit Singh mia Pubic response is very good
Mr.A : How do you measures Pubic response ?
Mr.X : Maybe they got a dyno for that too i bet!
Mr.A : Yea the output will be in dp (dick power) at their crank
Mr.X : LMAO!!

The Actual Article by TONY MARIADASS can be found here --> LINK
Or simple Copy n Paste this link here to your browser : http://www.mmail.com.my/Current_News/MM/Wednesday/Sport/20051026111419/Article/index_html


  1. maybe can measure how many pubic per mm square ler... never no if never cuba la. kekeke. cheers!

  2. yeay, let's declare today a pubic holiday.

  3. And XX can bitch about pubic toilet too. LOL

  4. Never underestimate the power of the media... If like that, will newspaper be classified as adult material (like adult film)?

    Afterall, both also can invoke 'pubic response' mar???

  5. joeC : how many pubic meter u dapat ?

    totoro : if not yet reach puberty knot have holiday lar izzit ? kakakaka!

    wolfy : then pre-puberty kids knot masuk that toilet also la lol

    helen : elo .. the last thing that can invoke my pubic response is a newpepah lerr lol! I prefer a pair of socks or a pie ... :P

  6. aiyoh this editor must be very hamsap 1.......


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