11 October 2005

Brylcreem Your Hair Before You Goto Sleep ???

I got this frend whois a true bulu geek! u know those nerd nerd type wan ? I known him since like 1983 and his name is M.S.Tee, he got this typical ahpek look with thick thick ahpak style specs and his signature would be his hairstyle. You know those hairstyle anot ? neh those split in the middle one and both side of the hair really flat on the scalp type leh, hes exactly lidat la....

I tried to look for a similar face in google image but to no avail, if you really must know, I think he look abit like LCF, but of coz LCF much more hansem than M.S.Tee laaa :P

The story is lidis wan, a few years after our STPM all the guys get back together for a camping trip to Tanjung Malim (dont ask me why but got one idiot told us its very nice there but it turned out otherwise). Anyway we are not really that close to Tee as he does not mix with us most of the time, most of us also dem suprised that he actually tag along on this trip, a few years after leaving sec. skool.

Tee seems to be very talkative compares to those days in skool, its a suprise what a few years of exposure to the working enviroment will do to a person. He tried to crack some lame ass jokes that nobody seemed to understand but we all were luffing anyway not at his jokes but merely luffing at him for telling lame stuffs haha! Tee also tend to curse alot, something which he never do all those years we known him in skooling days but we can tell from his style that he is not very good at it, therefore we concluded that Tee is trying to fit in and knowing so we also trying to accomodate him also la .....

Without realising it, its time to sleep edi, everyone had a long day travelling and setting camps, cooked and setup the camp fire. Just as we all getting ready to goto sleep Suddenly Tee took out his comb and Brylcreem from his backpack.

We all were like WTF???!!! Tee then proceed to apply Brylcreem onto his hair and comb them back into his usual style (split in the middle thingy)

Me : Tee, Lei jou mud 7 ? (Tee what da fark u doing ?)
Tee : Soh Tau la (comb hair lar)
Chow : Soh tau jou mud 7 ? (comb hair for wat fark ?)
Tee : Soh tau fun kao la (comb hair goto sleep la)

*Everyone luff*

Y.Choy : Mahai binkor thai lei fun kao ? (smellycunt who gonna look at u when u r sleeping?)
Tee : Actually got story one ....
Me : Tell tellllll
Tee : you see hor last time i goto sleep no comb hair one, then hor everytime i dream about lenglui the lenglui sure run away from me wan! so one day i sit down n think think ... why lengluis always run away from my dream leh ? i finally realise when i wakeup everyday i look very the ugly bcoz i no comb hair!! After I comb hair hor whenever i dream about lenglui she no more running away from me anymore leh.

*Everybody are now luffing like gila in the middle of the jungle*

Tee : Mahai really one la!!! cibai ask me to tell but dunwan belif me! You all hou larn diu geh la!

*Everyone luff even more by now*

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Anyone got the same habit ? are you those who goto sleep with properly gelled or creamed hair ? LOL!

P.S. The second nite ladi funny la ... buden that one i nx time only tell u ler :P


  1. So WingZ ar, everynight when YOU dream the lenglui got run away or not, ar? :P

  2. i no need sor tau farn kao, because mou sai tau fatt. i only chat nga farn kau. chat nga that time can whistle somemore. you can or not?

  3. LOL!! Then he got jiok leng leng farn kao or not?? Got nice hair, oso must got nice clothes mer.. wahahhahaaa!!

  4. brady arp! wot logic is this ler. Might as well wear nice cloths and shoes to sleep la. Some ppl totally crash la. Cheers!

  5. Don lap! I got a cousin that does similar action. Even worst, he must blow dry his hair with a hair dryer, while combing his hair and applying what evah he was using! Then must read newspaper before going to sleep. Keng-Chau or not? kekeke......

  6. wahlaueh! so is Tee still liddat? update update! :P

  7. liz : then u got run away in my dream anot leh ? i dream of you wor everynite *winks*

    ahpek : chat ngar whistling ?? my frend lagi best! he can bite his own ears or eye lid one!

    crazygrr| : i think at home he got wear tie go sleep also kakakaka

    cameljoe : i also dunno ... weirdo lar freaking us out lol.

    mahagurusia : wei i think i must intro ur cousin to Tee la ... they will be good frends lol they can tok bout which gel works on hair when u goto sleep in it kakaka!!

    Tee : he har ? we long time no see him edi ler ... dunno what hes doing now also

  8. Wahhh, like that I must not wear pyjamas to sleep liao.

  9. 5xmom, if you don't wear pyjamas, all the guys lagi cabut lor ... kakaaa

  10. Tee really geng ar.. 1st time hear need to comb hair wen slep so that wen dream gal da run away...

    so if nex time u got chance meet him, u tell him tis:

    "if u wana dream of making sex, make sure u wear condom b4 slep. so that u wun be a dad or get HIV"

  11. Anonymous7:27 pm

    brylcreem sup sup sooi. My old man used to yim tau fatt everynight before fan gau. Neh, those not permanent hair color ler... u need to apply after every hair wash one... that is why ngo lou ma ji ng toong hui fan. Dou gam si gam yat also mou toong hui fan lor...

    Like your friend said, maybe my old man also dream of leng lui at night. That is why he does not give a damn whether my mother yau mou toong hui fan?!! Hmmm, my childhood curiosity now solved.

  12. 5xmom : dont wear pyjamas ?? ehgood leh ... pek cheh lar lidat .. hantu nampak also lari !!! lol

    inevitable : ahpek nampak tarak lari la lol

    brat : but for u to keep the condom on your kkc u kena constantly keep the erection one wor lol penat leh

    helen : wah lau eh ... you old man must be dem lengjai lar lidat lol ... no wonder the girls in his dream dun run la hahaha! eh so i help u solved your childhood question then kira u otang me ipoh ngar choi kai fhan laaa

  13. Anonymous7:31 pm

    lol... tidor guna brylllcreamz..
    if like dat, evelibodi oso want. maybe add perfume, so smell nicer n get more lenlui. hohohoho

  14. Anonymous1:02 am

    actually ar... i think i've heard of it ler... think some older folks do that, but dunno wat reason.

    i oso heard of some ppl complain tat their grandpa's pillow smell of haircream...

    rojak ppl... go try lar, see what happen? and perhaps u can try applying to other bodily hair as well? mayb can attract more leng lui, mayb of different subspecies, i dunno...


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