15 October 2005

If I die ...... Yur Mum will....

AhLek is my childhood frend, one strange thing bout this guy would be ... hes not even close to his parents. He and his dad are like North and South Korea lidat, always fighting and argueing and shouting at each other. He and his mum also more or less the same. We all do not understand why both AhLek and his Dad hafta behave in such a way, either did AhLek, to him its like thats a norm in his family.

AhLek did not skool much as he left skool to work at early age. He moved out soon after that and he has been on his own since then.

A few years later he got a call from his mum saying his dad kena stroke, he is in ciritical conditions and needed to be operated ASAP. His dad is wanted to see AhLek before he go into his operation.

AhLek even tho not very close to his parents but at time like this he still wanted to go meet his oldman fearing he will not get another chances ever again. So he went to the hospital to see his dad.

Dad : AhLek, I know we got lotsa disagreements, papa also know you dem 9 hate me and wish I will die this time.
AhLek : Dad I also dont know why, everytime I see your face i feel like i wanna slap 9 you till you pass out wan.
Dad : maybe in our previous life I murdered you or owe you a lot money notchet pay back guah, dats why this life you come and take revenge on me ?
AhLek : Maybe lar but then I still hate 9 you no matter what.
Dad : Will you pray for me ?
AhLek : I dont think so .....

*At this time nurse come in to take AhLek's Dad to the operation theatre*

Nurse : Excuse me but i gotta take this patient to the operation theatre now, we are alredi behind schedule.

*AhLek's dad very tulan with with AhLek's answer so before he go in he thot wanna retaliate at AhLek*

Dad : AhLek, ..... You know, if anything bad happened to me your mum is gonna go over to stay with you.

AhLek : *panic attack* Dad, please dont die !!! please !!!! I will pray for you ....

Dad : *grins*

Moral of the Story, be nice to your parents ok ?

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  1. Wei, this is done in bad taste leh.

  2. Ah lek got a smart papa lah

  3. this is very, um, twisted. i suppose. like twisties, but not so salty, more bitter. like fu gua.

  4. Ah Lek's dad is chun hor ...


    Living with me scarier than with the mahder lar ... =P Should replace!


  5. 5xmom : purposely one ler ... i figured out i kanna screw up once a while to let ppl know i also human. Memang meant to screw up once a while one. Imperfection = perfect :P

    immigrant : haha

    quick : i dem mood swing when i doing this post ... i think my haid kambing ler kakaka!

    liz : can i try living with u anot ?


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