12 October 2005

Mr.Elephant Birthday Party

One day in Zoo Negara they decided to celebrate Mr. Elephant mia birthday. they decided to let some of the gentle animal free to mingle around with Mr.Elephant also to avoid them from dying of boredom. They choose the biggest enclosure for this purpose which happens to be the Mr.Elephant's mia houz la.

They let giraffes, horses, lumbus, kambings, camels and lotsa aders tame mia animal into elephant mia den. They all mingle happily till Mr Elephant saw Ms.Camel.

Mr. Elephant
see Ms.Camel very strange lidat (you know lar .. kat hutan Malaysia where got camel one rite ?)

Then Mr. Elephant walks towards Ms. Camel and stared at her for kinda long, stare till Ms.Camel beh tahan edi then Ms.Camel said :

Ms.Camel : See what see ? no see lenglui befoh ka ?
Mr. Elephant : eh mch so rude one ka lu ? its my Birday you know ?
Ms Camel : Birday so what ? you fucking pervert stop looking at me !!
Mr. Elephant : I am just curious ok ??!!!! Can I ask you a question ??
Ms.Camel : What ? Ask lar diu !
Mr.Elephant : Why your nen nen grow on your back one ar ?

Ms. Camel : WTF!!! you cibai pervert !!! HAMKAHCHAN LU!!!
Mr.Elephant : Dont call me pervert!! i m not!!!
Ms.Camel : If you not a fucking pervert why the fuck the kukuciao on your face is erected ??!!! AND STOP FLASHING ME YOUR KUKUCIAO !!!!
Mr. Elephant :


  1. Wahaha...

    Girls should start taking self-defence classes from the camel ... =P

  2. LOL, dem farnee. I will never see an elephant in the same light again. And no wonder my atm said the camel is my twin la.

  3. lol rojaks... u is the dem farnee la wei..... I'm linking you NOW.... (SORRI for d delay... ahaks!)

  4. dear rojak!

    It's a pleasure reading you!

    thanks so much X1000

  5. Anonymous7:17 pm

    I LOVE this one!! mou dak ding!!

  6. bwhahahaha....very funny ler, very hamsep of rojak...was new then? Cheers!

  7. wahliaoz! one of the very very very very very very few jokes that made me lol.

  8. rotfl! ya very farnee indeed.

    next time whenever i look at the camels or elephants, i will sure think of you, wingz and burst out laughing.

  9. liz : wow u very violent ler ... i likey ~~~ lol

    totoro : only this one funny meh ??? sigh i now know i sucks so much

    crazygrr| : *winks*

    5xmom : OMFG!! u r the camel !!! no wonder so pedas laaa lol

    pk : tenkiuuu for finding me funny ler ... i will kahyau wan !!! btw where is your blog har ? can lemme read anot ?

    Helen : aiyaks ... you only love this one only ar ?

    joeC : why change nick ledi huh ? I hope its not bcoz of my camel joke ler.

    quick : wuah i m honored man!! The pleasure is all mine!!

    lucia : aiks !!! look at elephant think of me ??? dont leh .. my trunk not as big leh lol!

  10. Rojakz strikes again!

    if you peeps start charging 10cent per laugh i think yall kaya dee...

  11. waahahahaahahaahaa!!!!!!!!!!!MCH!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous1:05 am

    this u copy from some SMS message one rite? KNS... :p must be must be

    u want to hear bout the story between pinnochio and snow white in mothergoose town?


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