16 October 2005

Sunday with a Hole in My Wallet

Sunday 16th Oct 2005, 2pm. - Just kambek from tahpau-ing my fehveret Wantan meen, pour the whole thing onto a plate, fix myself some ice cold Ribena and walks towards the living room.

Place wantan meen and Ribena on coffee table and pickup the TV remote control and *click*

WTFFF!!!! *click* *click* *click* ... WTF!!!! no pikchures on TV wann!!!

*walks to the TV and manually press all the button* WTF!!! still no pikchures gehhh!!!

*checks all the wires and batteries to the remote control*

MCH!!! TV rosakED ledi diuu!!!!

5pm - Drive to Carefour Sri Endah. *
Note to myself - Dont buy branded one la MCH! Toshiba Bomba watch 3 yrs also gone, might as well buy China made one the GC brand, spoil ledi just throw ... sommo a lot cheaper, OK set buy cheap TV this time!!*

6pm - Paid and dragged the bloody TV to my car.

What TV I got this time ??

This one ler .... :P

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
21" Sony Wega FD Triniton

MCH!! I no I no I plomised myself no more branded TV but I m a such a sucka for branded flat screen TV ok??!!!

The Damage ? RM595.00 (
its on promo laaa!!! its worth it ok!)
The Experience of dragging a godamn 21" tv and trying to stuf it into my puny lil car ? PRICELESS!!! (
Next time just ask them to send it to your house, dont kid yourself ok?)


  1. Eh how ah how ahhhh?? Clear or not d display, d picture? Recommended to buy boh ???? My one also gonna conk anytime.

  2. eh, why not buy plasma leh, nice or!
    btw, what happen to pictures on ur post, can't see them!

  3. ler, 21' only what, can take it by yourself la, why ask for delivery, costs extra lo. i'm gonna upgrade my bedroom tv to a 20' widescreen LCD ah..ehehehe. Cheers!

  4. huiyoh.. you buy tv like buying sayur like that one ah? see, take, pay and chao. so easy.

  5. dizzy : not bad la Sony mah sommo got 2 yrs gerenti sial ... faster go buy wei .. for a limited time only

    wuching : wuah plasma ?! -_-" tarak luit la, the server hosting the pic down kot ? now ok ledi wor

    joeC : i drive Cunt-chill only ler ... Carefour delivers for free ler ... sommo so near my house only. 20" LCD!!! mcb so rich ler lu ...

    Ahpek : ah? not buy lidat one ka ? see, test, take, pay, drag like fuck to the car and took half an hour to figure out how to put it into my car lol!

    frostier : Taugeh besar memang a type of sayur laaa :P

  6. totoro : not local brand ar ? i thot local brand ... i see got pensonic too but i thot it is panasonic -_-" lagi sikit i terbuy lol dat one cheaper RM479 oni ... but i ended up buying this one ....

  7. Rojaks is now earning from selling keyboards lah, he is the Problogger now mah. LMAO ...

    After become Problogger for just a while niah, you already got a new TV liao. You memang handal !! LoL ...

  8. Wei, ppl TV rosak, send for repair. You kaya, TV rosak terus buang. Abuden, 21" where got stim when you watch porno? The 36" boobs become 13" oni wor.


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