19 October 2005

Rojaks Crew Eats - Woo Ga Chon Korean BBQ - Hayanna's

*note: familiar title eh? I stole from KY ... so sue me, nyahahahaha

This is a follow up from Wingz's post about the Korean BBQ. It all started from a .... err...... post that was not about food. Then good ole' n305er commented and provided a link to Hayanna's blog where she mentioned that her mom was opening a new Korean BBQ restaurant. Being the hamsup greedy people we were, of course we were eager to go give it a try!

Here, I will try to give you a count by count on what happened that day instead of just a food review since KY already gave a pretty good review on it.

Monday 10.10.2005. Planning of Operation Eat Cibai Meat Korean BBQ. A few bloggers already agreed to go and I was put in charge of contacting Hayanna and getting a map/direction to the place. An email was dispatched to Hayanna.

Tuesday 11.10.2005. Awaiting Hayanna's reply.

Wednesday 12.10.2005. Still awaiting Hayanna's reply.

Thursday 13.10.2005. Still awaiting... Couldn't wait any longer, called up Woo Ga Chon to ask for directions and was briefly given one. Noted landmarks into my super photographic memory :D

Friday 14.10.2005. Operation day! The plan was to meet up in front of Pizza Hut near Ampang Point. Planned time for meeting up 7.45pm. Planned time of arrival 8.00pm. Actual meet up time 8.15pm -_-". Actual arrival time 8.30++pm -_-""". All this is thanks to super car driver PaulTan (who was late) and ultra terror guide Wingz (whom made U-turns and 3-point turns .... were you trying to test KY and Paul's driving skills?... and hello..? My car was in front of you la! Ok ok better not bash my sifu too much, later he pecat me from Rojaks crew).

Attendance, in no particular order was KY, his gay house mate Horng, PaulTan, Foxtrotecho, Wingz and myself. Here I would like to take the opportunity to note that, soon the Rojaks crew will be reduced to 3 people. Try and guess who FFK-ed and didn't turn up.

When we arrived, my 1st impression was... hmm ok... small place, simple decor. But like mentioned by KY, don't let that fool you. The food was excellent and the service was efficient.

The Stove being heated

After seating, Hayanna's mom came over with a menu (according to Hayanna, the menu is still being revised). We asked her to recommend us and she did. What we had was fresh cut beef, marinated beef and uh hwa jou pork. And then the feast began.

Other than the main BBQ course, there were plenty of side dishes to accompany. For more pictures, visit KY's post. Drooling yet? So what are you waiting for? Go try! For map and address details to the place, go here.

Lastly..... some appetizer for you....

The Pimp gets PIMPED!!


  1. oi rojaks, where is da punchline la...mana puncho-lino, wherewhere, how come onli see empty stove and two slices of meat wan? eeee...rojaks going cheap liao. Cheeers!

  2. Haha ... Rojaks crew pimps KY? Not bad not bad ah ...

    Walao. I'm getting hungry again ....

  3. joeC : that time baru testing the stove mia temperature mahhh when u wanna blanja me makan korean bbq ?

    liz : when u wanna date us go makan there jek ?

  4. err... rojak did you say thank you in korean to that towkey?
    kam sak me?


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