19 October 2005

Deepavali Greetings With Depavali Song

This morning toking to Dsaint in IRC :

Me : Dsaint lu knn racist sial
Dsaint : Why say lidat ?
Me : Lu put Hari Raya songs and ringtones in your blog for people to download - LINK
Dsaint : Yar, so ?
Me : Mahai then Depavali how ??? Indian folks also got to celebrate one you know anot ??? kanneh u not put Depavali Songs and ringtones for them to download also..... diu!
Dsaint : eeerrr .... Depavali got songs one ar ? I dunno la .... i never heard any Depavali songs b4 ler! how to put ??? you put lar since u so smart!
Me : Me ar ? err .. can also la ... MCH i dun wanna be a racist like lu lar sial .... later kena fark kaw kaw!

To All Indian Frends and Readers, An Early Depavali Greetings to you from Rojaks & crews, Wingz and Family.

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Here is the Depavali Song i promised you guys, errr ... i tried my best to search for a Depavali song and the fact that i do not speaks Tamil really made it difficult. But anyway i got this song which i can understand and it got this very heavy indian influence in it, so i guessed you can consider this one as Depavali song also la hehe .... Hope you will enjoy it. Once again Happy Depavali!!

*Playback is not automatic, to listen to the song, pulez press the "PLAY" button*

Source of the song : Taken from my sifu blog at HERE

P.S. dSaint asked me to tell u all that the above conversation never actually happened, I just made it up only ... like this can ar dSaint ? lol!!!!


  1. oi rojaks, thats from dr.liew who got it from the dude ler....got full version anot ha...wnat to dance in my garden but song too short la. Cheers!

  2. lol, good one!

    And for more fun
    - point mouse to the player
    - right click
    - select play speed = fast
    - replay again and dance away! :)

  3. oi rojaks, I played the song, my dog cannot stop barking lar...

  4. joeC : hahaha u goan make remix extended version la lol!

    mahagurusia : that one is the rap version la!!

    Helen : maybe your dog is of hindu race kot ? he understand the song lar and hes singing along HAHAHAHA!!!

  5. woii...dats twinkle twinkle lil star la...how to relate to Deepavali? It only got indian singer.

    Anyway, thats so good of u to greet them

  6. (in slang of in-lish)err.. indian+english=in-lish

    that not deepavali song eh?
    that rojak singing eh.....


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