31 October 2005

Disabled Toilet - Latest Tourist Attraction in Singapore.

Yesday early in the morning i got a call from Suanie.

Me : Hello? WTF u calling me early in the morning ar ? you want phone sex izzit ?
Suanie : no!! cibai pervert lu!
Me : Abuden ?
Suanie : U free anot today ? we all wanna go down to Singapore to visit their latest tourist attraction.
Me : What tourist attraction ?
Suanie : OMFG!! you dint read yet ?
Me : Read what ???
Suanie : Now in Singapore the diabled toilet is open for everybody to use!! ppl are lining up to experience the spacious toilet!!! even two associations (The Society for the Physically Disabled as well as the Handicaps Welfare Association) of the diabled agreed to let others share the toilet made especially for the disabled!!! oi! you wanna go anot ?
Me : Sure ah ??!!! i want i want!!! Wait for me, i go find my passpot 1st.

*We all (me, Suanie, KY, Wolfy and Petertan-tour guide) met at the toll plaza and everyone race to Singapore*

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This is how the outside of the toilet looks like at the infamouse disabled toilet with XX innit that got published in the Singapore Straits Time newsaper.

Some of us got bored of quieing up they start interviewing other ppls in the queue instead.

Wen Dee Cheng : I come here to to declare my win against 'certain group of peeple' and to announce the sapot of the 2 disabled association on my view

AhSeng : I hear the newspehpah say can go in and pee mah so i come laaa.

AhMei : I heard inside very big wan leh!

AhChun : XX said inside got mirrer and sinki wan .... i wanna take pikchures like xx too!

AhKanne : The 2 association also say can use, so i come here n use la. My mom ask me take pikchures let them see also.

Lulu : Why knot use ar ? build using gahmen marney wan u know ?

LarmJiao : Huh ? Singapore got disabled peeple wan meh ? i never see wor !

Fanbois : I dunno shit ... i just follow whatever my blog idol says only. She ask me kam so i kam la

Powderpuffgirl : U derno meh ? Singapore is lidat one mah .... suma kiasu wan, one Q up everyone will follow ... we love queueing up wan ... u remember the hello kitty incident anot ?

AlanCorsaik : I came from Germany, I heard in Singapore able person are allowed to use handicap toilet so I m here to try.

and many more la ... i lazy to type bcoz we got like 300+ over feedback from the peeples waiting in line.

After Quieing up for almost 3 hours finally its our turn. Almost our turn, there is this pink poodle in front of us so after the poodle are done with the toilet then we can go in liow. Btw the poodle ask my help to take its pikchure also. Ah ? u dont belif me ? Nah let u see la! I no bluff u wan!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Then its PeterTan's turn to go in pulak and we took his pikchure with our cam bcoz that idiot forgot to put battery into his camera.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Petertan with his battery-less digicam

After Peter then its Wolfy turn pulak, the fler cant wait to show his cute face in the toilet. He told me hes gonna show the pic to his members when he balik kampung this week.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

After Wolfy are done then KY's turn pulak. This fler dem kiasu siap bawak bunga Rose skali to take pikchure.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The last one to go in is Suanie la, since shes the only female so she kena bully by us. Sommo we all guys mah ... knot let her be in the same toilet as we are ...... hahahaha ... anyway this is her infamous "the knight stood proudly on the head of a dragon that he had slained" post!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

PS : Who else want their pic in the toilet ??? fast email me!!! :)

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  1. wahhhhh damn interesting news =P

    but the pixs are whack man

  2. cun picture. lolz. she sure shit lots of peeps!

  3. Hahahah! Good one weiiiii.......

  4. wahhh, cool pictures wei ... O.o Good skillz!

  5. nabeh... hahahha SIAO LAH LU!!! :P

  6. What a hilarious post! And damn "keng" pictures la :)

  7. i got like, balad in my mouth? o.O

  8. whattttt is tisssssss!

    pigi singapore also tak ajak!!


  9. Waaah, u really genius lar. Where the heck u get the pic of the extinct pink poodle????!

  10. war... ur blog so farny...
    i laugh till i got flu now~



  11. Wah, so many people queueing up for the disabled toilet, must be very spacious !

    Did the pink poodle shit or pee there ah? I heard pink poodle shits every where wan woh??

  12. kekeke damn funny..that poodle looks like purple poodle wor

  13. i'll write down in my diary to go visit this disabled toilet next time i go to singapore..tenkiu lojak!

  14. No more free tour liao. Now you want to use the disable's toilet must pay oredi. Too many people using it liao. Demand more than supply. LOL

  15. HAHAH ... Lojac does it again!!!!

  16. i jes wanna know hor. where did ky get the bunga rose?

    wahliew i oso wan!

  17. hehe, i will make sure i visit the said XX toilet the next time i visit my buaya friends at the SG Zoo. :P


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