28 October 2005

Back-Side-Boys - Latest MTV Released !!!

BSB - Back side Boys just Released thei Latest MTV entitled :
1.) I Want It That Way (Yingrish version)
2.) I Wan It Data Wei (Ahbeng Version)
NOTE : * read the lyrics carefully !!! that's the punchline!!! *

Rojaks Records spokesperson Wingz said, they expect this song to be a hit in Asean region as the Ahbeng Version of the song were SIMPLY TEH PWNED!!! "We are aiming for the GRANNY award" exclaimed Wingz.

Watch for yourself the latest MTV of Back Side Boys !!!

Pls. Remember to tell me what you think of this video by using the below voting system. Voting should be done in the comment section.
Use the following points :

5 - Bestest AhBeng MTV u ever seen !!!
4 - Very good but .......... (fill in the blank)
3 - Good but .................
(fill in the blank)
2 - Ok lar but ............. (fill in the blank)
1 - Please keep your day job -_-""

What the critic says

*Renae - well.. the guys are hilarious and the lyric is funny, but it would be better if you can record ur own singing in.*

For best/smoother playback experience, please Click "PLAY" once then "PAUSE" and wait for the video to finish loading then Click on "PLAY" again.

In case the video is not loading on your browser or your browser do not sapot flash video you can click on this link HERE


  1. 1 - Please keep your day job -_-""

  2. 6 - When having live concert?

  3. crazygrrl : really so bad meh ??

    joeC : how to have concert ? only u will buy ticket only ler :(

  4. actually, digging in my old video files, i have another vid of them!

  5. ala ... they kick my elvis ass ler.

  6. oh i watched that before! =P

  7. Wingz,

    Congrats.. u seem to have found yourself some raw talent!! No doubt your boys will be bigger than f4.
    I'll give them a "6".

    BTW, how's the negotiation with Pepsi?

  8. alamak .... sweating like dis ler ... ok ok i kasi u tips la .. the punchline is in the lyrics .... baca the lyrics. I test on a few fler .. they luff till their mouth cracked!! go and re-watch and READ THE BLARDEE LYRICS!!!!!

  9. Diao Chee Bai? hahahahahahahahah!!!

  10. eh who the guy at behindah?
    playing wat game?
    comand and conquer?
    counter strike?
    doom 3?
    half life?
    halo 2?
    un real tournement?
    i want challen him lar.........

  11. dius chee bai! kakakaka!


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