21 October 2005

Top 10 Reasons to Use Disable's Toilet

I know this is so over, but i just gotta do this! and since its not done by Simon yet so I thot I fast fast do it 1st la!

Top 10 Reasons to AbUse Disable's Toilet

1. If your blog's name is Xx.

2. If you are frends of Xx.
3. If you are Singaporean and related to Xx.
4. If you cant read signs or dont understand wtf is a disabled toilet.
5. If the Disabled toilet is built using the gomen's tax marney.
6. If you are scolded by a handicap fler.
7. If the door to the Disabled toilet is not locked or unlockable.
8. If the able-person toilet is too small, bcoz the disabled toilet very spacious ma!
9. If the able-person toilet is too crowded and dirty.
10. If your skool no teach you moral or civic wan.

OK I m done, you all can start flame kaw me ledi :P


  1. 11. if you feel that you are somehow mentally handicapped compared to Stephen Hawkings

  2. 12. If somehow you think by being bimbotic means you are disabled and think your ass is made of gold coz you think everyone is reading your blog...

  3. oh wow! keep it kambing!!! we might hit 100th reason on how to abuse ops .. i mean use Disabled toilet!!! keep it kambing !!!

  4. 13. If the disabled toilet has its own basin and mirror inside, and you are a fan of XX.

  5. 14. if you think you are a fluffy pink hot chick but actually you are DISABLED in the head.

    whoa, Wingz, this top 10 list is funny AND got hidden meaning wan!

  6. 15. if you are so idiotic that you think that disabled toilet is not only for ppl with disability.

  7. bryan : hahaha maybe got free use of hairdryer too sial

    simon : no hidden meaning one ler .. we terang terang tembak one lol ... I PR5 ledi what to sked ? KAKAKAKA!!!

    crazygrr| : har ??? i thot everyone also can use disabled toilet wan ???

  8. 16. Ultimate bimbo from kiasuland...nuff said. PEACE!

  9. xx is allowed to use disabled toilets becoz she is DISABLED in her head!!!

  10. 17. if u are xx her/itself.

    18. if u think not having any functional brains is a "disablity".

    19. if u want people to start flaming u for being inconsiderate, stupid & buta huruf (this call what in english ah?).

  11. 20. if you want to use ur own basin & mirror & have SPACEEEEE like in a freaking hotel.

  12. Halo simon long time didnt coment liao, now i write huh...

    8. If the able-person toilet is too small, bcoz they have BIG STUFF!!!

    hehe not a new list but modified one wo :p

    oops... hey btw u r not simon la. so stop faking his style :D

  13. Forget about XX..... I got sexier ones for you ler... Come over ASAP!!

  14. tenkiu everyone !!! now we got 20 reasons to use diabled toilet ledi lol

    helen : kambing !!!


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