6 October 2005

PPS Down!!! This is your alternative replacement!

I need a life, I read blogs for a living (LOL! yeah rite!) and if you are like me and cant survive anoder day without reading blogs (and since PPs is down) I got just the place for you to goto.

The Choices are :

1. BlogsMalaysia
2 Sarawho.com
3. Project Kacang Kuda
4. You can login to #Mybloggers in dalnet server (irc.dal.net) for the latest gossip bout the blogsphere. Leave me a message if you need help in login into irc servers.

I hope this will help you cope with your addiction before PPS is back online again!


  1. i guess PPS has become something PPS bloggers cannot live without?

  2. tenkiu lojaks u save my life! let me hv another 2 plates pls!


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