17 October 2005

XiaXue Mini Seminar in KL!!! Register Fast !!! Seats are running OUT!!!

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For more information about this Seminar pls click here - LINK

YES! this is a joke, there is no such Seminar you NOOB!!! NOW Go bek to WORK!!!!

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  1. Dun tipu... where got such thing as lecturers with nice legs one?

    Only in AV movies lah.

  2. oh...THAT person, THAT sorry excuse for the human being who is a pure blond bimbo and firebrand opportunist attention deprived media whore ultimate waste of oxygen good for nuthing shitbag jobless slut. WHY NOT GO GET A JOB AND STOP A-HOLE-ING AROUND YOUR BLOG!....can somebody firebomb and release some virus the shut down that good for nuthing bollocks of a blog. CHEERS!

  3. I dun like xiaxue ... she's irritating ...

    Wah, you guys all very united le ... geng!

  4. I totally ditched that link to xx since the incident on kl ... totally no fucking idea what is happening

  5. She is a sick dumb ass!!

    Everytime I saw there was someone in the handicape toilet when I pushed Peter to the toilet, I was already very Tu Lan.

    Now this f**king dumb ass blogged about it in this way, MCH. I can only wish her don't get bang by a car or MRT in the future and paralyzed her on the bed.


  6. n305er : you got bad taste ok ? u call that piece of pork chop as nice legs ???!!! diu!

    crazygrr| : shes not the ultimate idiot la ... her fansee lagi idiot!!! they actually agreed with her that its fine to use disabled toilet OMFG!!! their arguement ? *Its PUBIC property built with tax payers money* Mahchowhai! female toilet also built with PUBIC money!!! so Male can go in and use la!!! DIUU DUMB PIGS!

    JoeC : I SO share your view on this!
    I think Dumbass should be banned from blogging entirely!!! LMAO!!

    liz : Shes not only irritating!! shes a farking allergy to intelligent human being!!!

    inevitable : erm, keep it data way. No point reading dumbass

    Bryan : U think her skool got teach moral or sivik wan anot ar ?

  7. Psst...wei, your blog getting lame leh. Nothing else to write meh?

  8. Ya lor, i agree with auntie. why somemore indirectly make more people go to her blog? i NEVER go to her blog anymore.

  9. yeah... she had the guts to make herself look like an angel with wings (in her new theme) when she curse so ffk often!!
    no offence :P

  10. she is such a whiner. why bother reading her anyway?

    sikit2 nak complain. lempang dengan tempoyak baru tau.

  11. 5xmom : pssttt ... eh my blog all the while lame one laaa kakakaka now only u know meehhhh ... aiyooo

    ahpek : wuah u now manyak geng with 5xmom ledi laaa .. *ahem*

    egghead : can you make me one angel theme too? plz plz plzz ... lol *shes one self proclaimed angel sial*

    vivica : i dint read her also .. i read others blog that toks bout her only :P

  12. flush her head down the toilet bowl...

    where all shit belongs ;)


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