2 October 2005

Bali Bombing Pictures - Warning Bloody Gory !!!

WARNING : Fucking gross/gory pictures of Bali bombing incident, Please leave if you are easily offended by graphical/gross/gory images. Proceed under own risk.

The 2005 Bali bombings were a series of explosions that occurred on October 1, 2005, in Bali, Indonesia. Reports indicate that three consecutive blasts occurred along Jimbaran beach and at Kuta Square. At least 22 people have been killed, including three bombers. Previously, the death toll was thought to be 26. However, a Philippine Army General told the local newspaper that the death toll was 22, which was previously thought to be 26, as he claimed that there was a mistake of counting body parts twice. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has condemned the blasts as a "criminal act."

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  1. Anonymous2:03 pm


    May them rest in peace.

  2. Anonymous2:32 pm


    may they haunt the bomber and the mastermind behind the bombing

  3. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Not really so gross..

    Should check out the Kancil accident picture...damn teruk man.

    Closer to home also..

  4. To what purpose does this bombing serves?...I don't remember there was any at all, for whatever the F-cked up reasons, it is not accomplished in any way.

    Why don't these animals come out and amid it, at least have the F-cking guts to say they did it. Better yet, why not the leaders of these F-cked up animals blow themselves up instead of sending mindless drones to do the work.

  5. How many more innocents needs to die before we learn to live and let live?

  6. ..........

    It's sad there are morons who think bombing is the way to get closer to heaven.

  7. ya, look how terrible it was... and we still have people who glorify the suicide bombers.

    whatever their reasons, whatever their beliefs, whatever their cause, killing innocents people is just NOT RIGHT at all.

    damn you, suicide killers!!!

  8. At first I expected it to be a joke ...


    Ouch. May they rest in peace ... >.<

  9. bryan : they are already resting in Pieces -_-"

    totoro : eh i also got my sensitip side one ler ...

    8dee : i hope the mastermind kena hernia and die of testicles explosion

    ST : yar paul trick 9 me to look at that kancil accident post ... I still trauma till now.

    cameljoe : Some ppl are just not meant to be understand

    immigrant : only god knows

    clf : yea they do teach them that ... how can you kill innocent ppl and still goto heaven ??!!!

    lucia : this world is so fulla sick ppls

    Liz : they alredi reasting in bits n pieces ledi ler ... *sigh*

  10. haiyaaaahhhhhh.......no good. i don like. think must skip lunch today. see already oso cannot eat.

  11. no lar, the pictures are not THAT gory ... I've seen worse. At least I didn't puke on this ... T_T


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