20 April 2005

WTF iz Spring Bag .....

One day, was excitedly playing with the newly discovered Skype (shoud be pronounce as "skaip" but were popularly pronounced as "Sky-pee" by some) with Irene, Dave and piggy. Even tho everibodi are of chinese origin, nevertheless language/dialect barrier still exist bcoz some of us cant speak Mandarin, I managed to recall part of the conversation that took place.

Irene : Dave ni hao! (Dave, how are you?)
Dave : Eh Wingz what she toking har ?
Irene : Dave ni pu hwei hwah yue der ar ? (Dave you donno mandarin one ar ?)
Me : Dave, shes toking in mandarin la asking you how are you
Dave : eh u tell her to tok ingris la, i dont understand mandarin leh
Me : Irene, Dave pu tung hwah yue der ler, tah jiaw ni jiang yingwern ler. (Irene, he dun understand mandarin one ler, he ask u to tok ingris)
Irene : Ok Ok
Me : Irene, can you translate 2 words for me into mandarin ? i not very good with madarin la
Irene : sure, what izzit ?
Me : Can you please translate "Spring Bag" for me pls ?
Irene : What is spring bag ?
Dave : Yea, wtf is spring bag ?
Me : Dave u dun kkcc la (kkcc - kakacaucau/dun disturb)
Irene : Wingz, Ser mork sir spring bag ?
Me : Spring ar .. spring is the 4 season punya spring lor ... neh Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring ahhhh ... that one laaa
Irene : oh ... in mandarin that is call "Chun"
Me : Then bag in mandarin is call wat ar ?
Irene : Plastic bag ?
Me : No, not plastic bag. Just bag alone call wat ledi ?
Irene : Bag is call "Taie"
Me : Irene, then Spring bag is call wat ?
Irene : Chun Taie lor!
Me & Dave & Piggy : LMAO!!! *luffing like cicaks hilang ekor lidat"
Irene : What are you guys luffing at ??
Dave : Nothing nothing ! *continue to luff*
Me : Irene you know canto anot ?
Irene : abit ler
Me : Irene, then u try to translate that into canto lar, see u know how to do anot
Irene : Dunwan! later i say wrong ledi u all luff at me one.
Me : Wont one larrrr .... faster lerrr
Irene : I say wrong ledi u all dun luff horrr
Me & Dave : ok ok we wont we wont
Irene : err ... *mumbling-mumbling* if im not wrong i think canto shud be "Chun toi"
Me & Dave & Piggy : *luffing like kena mad cow disease with tears kambing out from our eyes, mucus kambing out from our nose and banging our head onto our keybod*
Irene : Choiii!!!!! ALAMAK !!!! u 2 tricked me !!!!! *Curse! Curse!*

We tried others translations too! i.e.:
1) Gei Park - Canto (How White) try translate it into mandarin
2) Larn Keok - Canto (Wounded Leg) try translate into mandarin also

Got many more lagi! buden share with lu olangs nx time lar .... dunwan skali sai lang everything ... nx time no more juice liow can write again LOL!


  1. Chun toy, I still knot get the meaning but chi pai and lan cheow I can translate wei. Wa te hwa yee poo chuaw hor?

  2. chi bai wingz
    and lun cheow dave :P

  3. LOL @ Klutz!

    erm, chun toi is where your bf/future husband store his erm, future half offspring

  4. chun toi is.... *drumroll* testicles.


  5. Your post make a lot fun. Thank you for teaching us new words. It’s always being useful while kkcc..

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  7. 5xmom : hehehe now u know

    kenneth : wuah so rude!

    Ng : hahaha u memang blur kaki

    Jxt2j : The resident chun toi expert!

    woolususi : Thankiu for kambing ah!!!

    Foon Ying Kong Larm" *Kowtows*


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