11 April 2005

Chun-toys-less Pissed - Jokes Contribution

Apparently "someone" ( Anonymous) got pissed because of my previous entry, "someone" said that i copied others peeple jokes without quoting sources, buden he no chuntoys to even post a komen with his nick/iden orso. Nebermind lar i told maiself, since he no chuntoys he alredi kesian enuff so no kira sama him la i thot, skali mana tau he also quoted the source of the Jokes which is :


So i now hereby tenkiu the author of the joke ANTON PERERA for his kinda contribution to the making of a better mankind.

I also like to thank the Chun-toys-less reader for his contribution of new jokes website that i do not know of its existance untill today.

For more jokes, pls. klik on the link below. (contributed by the chun-toy-less reader)


Due to popular demand,"chun-toys-less comments poster" features will be diabled to prevent more of our future generation from following the chontoysless-ism belief. All future koment(er) are advised to register yourself a blogspot member to be able to post komen. Buden hor ... befoh lu post any komen or read anything can you please read my blog's header 1st? :)

*P.S. I pray to god that my chun-toys-less reader fast fast grow back chun toys so he can post his nx komen with balls!!!


  1. wah lau eh, like that also can one?

    It's only a joke lar, not some copyrighted thingy.

    It's just for laughs. Some people just don't understand lar. Some jokes can be recycle one! :)

  2. *checks crotch* ... thank god, still got chun toy

    I guess some ppl are just jealous of you la Wingz. I wonder if he/she enjoys going around ppl's blog trying to point out the things that are "stolen". Coz there are plenty around.

    You know ppl like to put pictures of cartoon, artistes and quotes. I wonder if he goes and comment on it too.

    Anyway... maybe he's the victim of the joke? tsk tsk tsk. Some people, just no sense of humor.
    No sense of humor = no life

  3. Actually, Mr. Rojak, you must congratulate yourself. You know you have arrived when you are being noticed. Gimme a five! Micro going macro liaoz!

  4. At least I know got new sites for jokes :)

  5. Dave : Ahharm-diu-lei-lar to u too! hehe kesian that bangla la

    kljs : normal la, lotsa ppl no life one la

    kenneth : ur day will come one lol!

    5xmom : dunwannnn ... i wanna be micro blogger!!! hehe

    Mango Tan : hehe lets luff at it together!


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