25 April 2005

a pinjamED Entry

Was blog hopping just now and found this nice joke entry by dracolshian so i thot i share it with everyone who need a boost before you start your day!

There was once a customs officer guarding at the border between US and Mexico. One day, a young man tried to ride a bicycle across the borders with a heavy sack on it. He was stopped abruptly by the officer.

Officer: Hey, you! Stop! Let me see what's in the sack.

So the man opened it and the officer found sand in the sack. So, he let the young man go. The next day, it was the same man again. And the same thing happened. There was only sand in the sack. Again, the officer let the young man cross over. This happened day after day, for 10 years until the officer retired.

One day, the retired officer met the young man at a restaurant in Mexico and they sat down for a talk.

Officer: Hey, now that I've retired, you can tell me what have you been smuggling all these years in the sack. Come on, tell me. I won't tell anyone.

Man: I haven't been smuggling anything in the sack. *pause for a while* I've been smuggling the bicycles.

Officer: ....

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Many thanks to dracolshian

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  1. no prob. I'm glad at least it got one laugh. =)


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