17 April 2005

Hustler, Hustler Where are Thou ?

Once I was told a story by my grandpa, "It was the time before cinema and movie are being introduce to the world where the only form of entertaiment available in thier kampung came from a man named AhFook. AhFook loves to travel and he has been working as a sailor, sailing across the world most of his youth, folks in the village are amazed by this amazing and wonderful stories. Everyday, people will gather beneath the "9 layers tree" and listens to his life experience.

AhFook is quite a popular figure in the village mainly becoz of his daily entertaining contribution to the folks in the village, his popularity far reaches the next few kampung and many traveled for nearly an hour on foot just to listen to his daily tales.

One day, there is this young man from neighbouring kampung, AhMing. While AhFook was telling a story related to a huge kick ass sea monster, AhMing felt AhFook were bullshitting and he speaks up from behind "Oi! dont bluff little boys larr!!!" AhFook were stunned for a while but he continues his story soon after that.

While AhFook is telling his story from the front, at the back of the scene this old man who were in front of AhMing told him this "We all know part of his stories are non-existance, we never question them bcoz we do not feel there is a need for that. We are all here bcoz we wanna be entertained and hes doing a good job at it, FOR FREE!! since its FREE you cant complain much, if you dont like it, "FUCK OFF" not that you need to fill a form prior to do that."

-The End to the Story -

Back to 2005, best selling fiction books includes Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring and others. Are any of these are for real ? NO? and peoples are buying it ???!!! why ?? i guess the reason are these books are entertaining. I would really loves to see if anyone would try to point out that there is a piece of "FAKE" information in Lord of the Ring LMAO!!!

Alas, Hustler you are doing a GREAT job providing hours of entertaiment for all of us. I will continue to patron your blog for a long time to come. Until you start to CHARGE entrance fee that is. :)


  1. Don't worry la, Rojak. Hustler is a nice guy who donch care about these small stuffs ler. You are going to get to read all the Hustler's Diaries la.

    If not, you visit my blog lor....

  2. You are right. It's free anyway. So why are we complaining so bloody much? Sigh.

  3. You are more popular than me! nooooo!
    I need to find ways to "bust" you now :P

    some people need to lighten up, agree?

  4. I'm just gonna post my two cents regarding the Hustler Fake Diaries issue. And spread it around in ppl's comment boxes. :) Hope you don't mind.

    If you read kennysia.com, you'd probably know by now that I'm a big wrestling fan. I've been watching WWE (then-WWF) since Primary 5 when Bret Hart Vs Shawn Michaels was the biggest match ever took place and although I stopped watching now due to lack of Astro, I still follow wrestling news online.

    Sometime around Form 3, I discovered the internet. I joined wrestling chatrooms and generally mingle with people who shared the same interests with me. Around this time, someone spreaded words about how wrestling is fake and all the moves and how storylines were scripted. I was upset and determined to prove them wrong. So I searched around the Internet and everywhere people are telling me that wrestling is indeed fake. It was all a 'show' where two wrestlers act like they hated each other in the ring, but backstage they were really good friends who share the same car, same plane, same wife, etc. (kidding about the wife part)

    I felt cheated. Why do they want to create fake storylines and act like they hated each other?

    Mick Foley, the wrestler best known as Mankind, went on TV and admitted that wrestling is fake. Wrestling is called sports entertainment. Sports, because the wrestlers need to be physically fit to be able to compete in it. Entertainment, because when if the show isn't entertaining no one is going to watch it.

    Yes, everything in wrestling is exaggerated where a punch usually miss the target by a mile. But the moves are real, the injuries are real, and sometimes the emotions are real. The events, the emotions that they portray do happen in real life, but the WWE turn it up a few notches and then it becomes entertainment.

    There are many who came out and laughed saying wrestling is 'fake'.

    But hey, so are movies. Even movies that claimed they are 'based on true stories' are still the reality turned up a few notches. Yet people still pay money and watch them. Why?

    People watch movies because they walk into the cinema with the mentality that goes "Hey I know these things are fake. But what if its real? Shit, if its real then its gonna be so cool!" These are the people that walked out of the cinemas more entertained than the ones who said "I know its fake lah! See how come the car exploded for no reason! Aiya boring shit!" These are the kind of selfish people who loves to point out every shortfall in the movie just so they can spoil it for others and they themselves be entertained.

    I hope you see the analogy here.

    What I'm really trying to say is that the Hustler Diaries is the pro-wrestling equivalent of the blogging community.

    Sure his stories may be fake. But what if its real?

    Shit, if its real then its gonna be so cool!

  5. sigh.... great...... is hustler still gonna blog? :( i really enjoy reading his posts leh :( lober ah lober!! do sumtin ler :( i wan hustler backkkkkk! :P

  6. 5xmom : I hope so too!

    JxT2J : Peeple nowadays ... kasi betis mau telur! *sigh*

    Kenneth : AGREE!!

    KennySia : Congrats! you just made the longest and most meaningful comments on my blog!!! pls stay on the line my assistant will take down your details and we will mail you your 20 sen cek later :P

    Lober : Eh Lober wat can i do? im just a small fly blogger, i bet you hustler also dunno me :(

  7. ROTFLOL!!! OMG! What's happening??? I am fine!!! LOL!!! Thanks for the mention bro! :)

    My hits are gonna skyrocket this week!!! Thanks man! :)

  8. there is a term for all this. It's call "fiction". and there is so many fiction on tv, why didn't those people that complain about hustler, go complain to the tv stations?

    people unclear of the concept that's why.

    So, it's just for entertainment people! and leave hustler alone!

  9. Note: the above comments is a comment for the article that Wingz/Rojak Daily wrote and not pointing to the comment about the comment right above the above comment.

    Wingz, btw, I know who is SleekBlackMercedes = hustler lar. ;)

  10. The Hustler no more. Now i know how it feels... :(


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