7 April 2005

The Cast of #MalaysiaBloggers

Its abit more than a week since this room were created, we are having around 12-20 bloggers in the channel most of the time. Topic ranging from blogging to extraterrestrial to movies to personal lifestyle to love stories to betrayals you name it! During the night the screen will move faster than you can read it properly.

The Cast
kljs - The Channel owner
JxT2J - The SOP
PeterTan - The Legendary Blogger from Penang (OP)
LilianC - The Celebrity Blogger from Penang
Kimberlycun - The Legs
KennySia - The April Fool Champion
Jayelle - The Little Girl In A Reverie a.k.a. LeftBoob
Dopey^ - As Suanie Sees It
PeNNyPupZ - The SYT
YP^ - The Future Doc
paxt - The Diary of a Klutz
loRd_VaMp - The New Ex Blogger
Dustyhawk - The Anime Sexpert
cymiao - The Resident Wine Expert
Kamigoroshi - Footstep in the Mirror (OP)
cheRRy^ZZZz - Malaysia J-Lo
Kstang - A pathetic attempt at blogging
chapree - Chapree Da Grande
Stanch - The Underpaid Exec.
Sashi - The Sashi-ism
smallmoskito - The Mossism
Andylkl - The WittySquirrel's Insane Ramblings
Mr.Tomodachi - Non Blogger but a very handsome guy!!!
and Me of coz :)

So fellow bloggers! come join us there and have lotsa fun exchanging toughts and meeting up with others Malaysian Bloggers. Real Time Interaction !!!

for more instructions on how to get there, please feel free to get in touch with any of the above bloggers and i am sure they will be more than willing to help out. More infos can be accessed by clicking HERE

See you there at #MalaysiaBloggers the meeting point of Malaysian Bloggers!


  1. I think by the time I'm done with it, you're going to have to rename me as the insane Blogathon guy.

  2. Anonymous3:24 am

    Eh, it's me! w000tt~ i'm having exams right now...so expect me to go MIA for one week...then i'll be back tehroh-rizing the channel ^_^

  3. Anonymous4:07 am

    :D !!

    Mr. Tomodachi rules.

  4. Wingz! ROCKS! :)

  5. elo tomo,

    cool wine 'script'...very educative..
    hehe like u'r writing a thesis..wuhooo

    dun call me the wine *** lah..m only elementary kiddy..hehe

  6. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Roll out the red carpet, throw the rose petals.

    Tiuss la, dun ever call me any celeb shit la. Make me so pressured oni. BTW, which part I play there ha? I oni spectator, you know.

  7. Girls, if you are reading this and don't have mIRC, quickly download it and come meet the cool and handsome Mr. Tomodachi!

    kudos to Wingz...

    Seriously, if you are a blogger or a blogger-gonna-be, come share your thoughts with us.

  8. w00t! Great to see everyone from the chatroom on the list! :P

  9. all the regulars so far. now wingz is trying to lure new vic....errmm...members to the channel.... ;) ;) ;)

  10. Anonymous8:44 pm

    lol... RIGHT.. the CAST...uh huh..:)


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