14 April 2005

Dont Compare can ar ?

So many jokes entry continously for so many days i do think its time we take a break off our hectic daily life and pounder on our society's disease for a while. I'd met countless people who are unhappy with their life and not satisfied with what they are having or what they achieved so far in their life. Today i wanna share my view on how to make you a happier person BY LEARNING NOT TO COMPARE!

We live in a pathologically dissatisfied world. And I'm going to tell you why. Because we love to compare.

Go around the world and discover that people aren't happy with their bodies. Filipinos want to be fair-complexioned like Westerners and so buy bleaching stuff.

Westerners want to own bronzed bodies like ours and so purchase tanning lotions. Those with moles have them removed, while those who don't strategically implant beauty spots.

Some people want to shed a few pounds to look like Ally McBeal, while others want to gain some baby fat to look like Drew Barrymore.

When are we ever going to stop and simply be happy with how we look? We live in a sick world, I tell you. And that sickness is comparisonitis.

Take a look at wealth.When we drive our old Honda, it really suits us fine. We feel blessed in fact when the rain pours outside and we feel snug and cozy on its faded upholstered seats.

But the moment we see our own office mate (or neighbor, or buddy, or cousin, or brother) drive his sleek sky-blue, four-door, four-wheel-drive Mercedez, we automatically feel like third-class children of God!

Next time we drive our bumpy, noisy, rusted, dilapidated Honda,(notice how all the defects come out all of a sudden?), we feel deprived, dispossessed, pariah, debased and only a little higher than the insects of the earth.

Listen carefully.

Bill Gates total assets are worth $60 billion. That's more than the GNP of some small countries. Tiger Woods earns $80 million simply by smiling on TV in a Nike shirt. And the stars of the sitcom Friends are paid $750,000 per episode!

My point?

No matter how hard you work, there'll still be some people who will be richer than you are. And there'll be some people who will be more beautiful, have more sex appeal, have more boyfriends and have more problems.

Try it for once. Stop looking around. Don't compare!

Don't compare her nose with your nose. Don't compare his wife with your wife. Don't compare his salary with your salary. Don't compare her breast size with your breast size. Don't compare her kids report card with your kids report card. Don't compare his prayer group with your prayer group. Don't compare her cellulite deposits with your cellulite deposits.

For crying out loud, Stop comparing and Start living! And you'll be happier with your life, I guarantee.

This is crucial:

The most difficult thing in the world is to be who you are not.
Pretending and trying to be someone else is the official pastime of the human race. (I don't think dogs and cats and cows and horses have this problem.)

And the easiest thing in the world is to be yourself. Be happy. Live!

There must be a reason why God made you tall or short or fat or thin or bumpy all over.

Love who you are!

Be happy, it's not that difficult!


  1. Great post! Not sure if you know chinese anot, but there's this saying "人比人,比死人" (er translated literally as "people compare with people, compare till death") If one is never satisfied / appreciative of what he has / is, then happiness is forever elusive.

  2. bg...i'm fat *uwahhhhhhhhh* ok ok i get u. but i like to whine, so bitez me *sticks tongue out*

  3. Why cannot compare? We can compare to make us feel nice or better sometimes. If you drive your old Honda, compare it with someone who takes the bus. If you have torn sneakers, compare it with someone with no shoes. If you have no shoes, then compare it with someone with no feet. It depends on how we compare. Sometimes it can help when we are down.

  4. Wah, Wingz, you a motivational speaker or wut. Admire you!

  5. I agree half on what you say and don't agree half. Check out my blog and read my thoughts. :)

  6. Diana : Welokam !!! Australia amacam ? the cina proverb i know ah "Yarn bay yarn, bay sei yarn" rite ? Anyway thanks for your compliment and glad that you stop by.

    Bm : u r not fat ok? u r vehlee sexy and i drools everytime i see u LOL!

    kstang : i guess you got a point there, buden the last time u compare ur life with someone'else did you compared the negative one or the positive one ? :)

    5xmom : hehe i told u ledi mah the day b4, my yeh sow gonna be so "Kheng!" ine

    Kenneth : check jor buden again its entirely different topic even tho some of it are related ler .. :P

  7. We drive an 11 year old Wira and am perfectly happy with that (when it doesn't break down) but now that you've mentioned it..... You drive Honda ah. I don't care! I don't care! I oso want!

  8. MG : my honda is from 1983 one wor ... 21 yrs liow 10 yrs older than ur wira lol!

  9. Nina : eh selamat datang!!! jangan ler panggil aku uncle~ panggil Wingz ke abang ke ... suma boleh tapi jangan uncle lar ... makes me sound so tua. hehe

  10. lol. abuden, mine local wan, yours foreign. Point is if want to compare there will be no end to it hor, so be happy with what we have as you say.

  11. yeah, no point comparing whose KKC is longer or bigger. it's who can get the most orgasmic event that counts! yikes... that's comparing rite? dang...

  12. people are always trying to compare with other people wan!

    it's always been like that.

    I sometimes also tend to try to compare myself with others......

    somehow it comes naturally.

    Yeah, I agree with you about this, why can't people stop comparing ar?


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