19 April 2005


Welokam! I bid you!

Its abit late to tok bout WHY I BLOG isnt it ? "I KNOW! I KNOW!" but I havent done this beore so i m still entitled to do it at least once!

I have been reading a few blogs on a daily basis before i decided to have my own, I learnt in those blogs that i read that one can really express themself freely and makes you pounder on it for sometime as to how much truth existed in those words. How true how true .....

Now thats not the reason why I blog, I actually hate to writes, I do not follow the trend (Im one of those who would dress up like a begger), I am not after fame, awards nor recognitions, NO NO NO .. that above is really non of the reason why I am doing this.

I did it because I felt so helpless most of the time. Look at our world today, look at how pathetic and sad our lifes has become. Disasters happens everywhere, humans are suffering, new kinda disease surfaces everyday, mankind are suffering from all this and I cant do antyhing about it. How sorrow how true.

Blogging is my way to contributes to human who need a little relief from all that, perhaps maybe for 5 minutes a day or even more and YET I hope what i did, what I am doing is making a significant differences in their daily life, with just one dose of joke everyday. That's my noble intention, small but sincere.

Nevertheless, there will still be people who do not agree with this. For those, I wanna share with you what I saw today in one of those KL's famous roadside stalls. This road side stall i patroned has this BIG sign that says :

3 Putt Mai (3 conditions of sales)
1. Erm Dung Duck, Putt Mai (if u cant wait, we refuse to sell)
2. Yim Jim, Putt Mai (If you are picky, we refuse to sell too)
3. Yong Sui, Putt Mai (If we dont like your face, we wont sell either!)

So, you see if you seriously do not like what i blogs here, please dont spoil your day ok ? Do us both a favor, thats the door, just walk that way! *Cheers!*


  1. Can I say what you said in Ken's blog? Make a sign like that for me? I hang on my durian banner?

  2. eh Ng, i no halau anibodi la, i just dun wanna make peeple angry and spoil their day only. i want everybodi to be happy jek :)

  3. *walks towards the door*
    *goes out and slams door shut*


    Just kidding la.
    Very deep wor this posting. Anyway, we should all strive to be happy, no?

    Make love not war

  4. wingz, you have my support all the way.....hehehehehe ;0

  5. Hey, keep it on. I'm your new supportor!! Nice blog to read...

  6. sincere blog..must read. good for you to digest... beh song,.. just go out to the door..
    if song, then just support ..
    me thumb up for you... support..


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