8 April 2005

Whose shit is this ?

June last year, me and a group of fishing fanatic friends went to a very secluded place to fish. The stream is deep inside a blardee jungle and as this is the 1st time we trying to go there so we hired a jungle trekker to lead us there. Everyone call him Mail, i think thats short for Ismail.

Mail is about 5'3" lidat, he has this misai and abit of janggut. Very tough kinda guy, very tanned and had a very loud voice. I guess the loud noise is useful when locating someone who went missing from the main group i guess. He rely mostly on his instinct most of the time without much gadgets. The only tool he brought with him are a compas, a parang and a torchlight. No canggih gadgets like Satnav gps system or satelite phone that sort. One can tell from the way he handle us that he must be a very experienced jungle trekking guide, he evel tell us lotsa his jungle trekking stories while we trekking our way into the dense forest.

After about 3 hours of trekking he told us we are half way there, he also reminded us to behave properly and to respect the surrondings. "There are peeple living here, even tho you cant see them " he says. I was like "WTF??!! i dint see a living soul in this jungle other than us all" buden after anoder 5 minits or so we asked us to stop as if he found something interesting. We all gather around him and to our suprise he found a pile of shit! At that time we were like "What the big deal bout finding a pile of shit, what is so fascinating about this pile of shit ?" To our amazement he told us the pile of shit belongs to a human being and it belongs to a female!

Whoa!! we were like "how the fuck can you tell?" he wouldnt tell us at first and he said " i'll tell you all later in the journey". About half an hour later he found anoder pile of shit again and this time "it" look kinda "fresh from the oven" type, he told us the shit belongs to a male! we were like "FUCK! hes lying !!!" To satisfy our curiosity he told us how he derived to such answer ........

Wanna know how ?? Why dont you try to guess it first ?

i'll tell you the answer tomolo ok? :)


  1. ah wingz suk suk ah, dun lah create suspense like that.

  2. I know how to differentiate female and male stool. It's quite easy.

    If you're observant, you will notice that male's piss is further away from his stool, while female ones would have her piss on her stool.

    That's the way to differentiate female and male stool! Easy as ABC!


  3. like that also can?

  4. Bagai rusa masuk ke kampung.

  5. Congrats to mamat!!! he got the correct answer !!!! *hands duapuhsen cek to mamat* hehe nice one mamat! and thanks for dropping by!


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