9 April 2005

The Shitty Answer

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is the answer as plomised, lemme give u the answer with some visual help below,


female shit

As you can see from the diagram, the distance between pee and poo is quite near, at time it overlaps each others making it to difficult to distinguished their exact territory between these two. This is because Chee-Buy and Pantat are just next to each other in a female body.


male shit

This is the male shit, the distance between pee and poo are wider. This is becoz the male Luncheow* are in a shape of a water gun thus shooting the pee to a further area farther away from the shit. The territory between pee and poo are clearly marked. This is bcoz the Male's Pantat neighbour are NUTS and not Luncheow*!

*Luncheow - Copyright owned by JxT2J Owner permission granted on the usage for this entry.


  1. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Since when I give permission ekekek nvm. I din copyright that also.

    HAHahaha... really logical wor

  2. LOL.....LOL!!!


  3. Sometimes hor Mail can be wrong. The distance between the jiu and the sai for male depends actually on the mood of luncheow. When the lancheow is standing straight like a flagpole then your theory is right but when he is ...hmm... how shall I put it...tidak apa attitude time then this theory - no good.

    Same goes for female. Although the chee-buy's neighbour is pantat, but don't underestimate her. She can also shoot... perhaps as far as luncheow, her male counterpart.

  4. If it is Mail's theory, then I say he is clever. If this is your very own idea, then it is genius but then, you must use the genius brain for something more important. Ask NASA to hire you or something. LOL!

  5. Anonymous2:05 pm

    As you U said,"the distance between pee and poo is quite near, at time it overlaps..."

    But in the case of a virgin the territory between these two can be apart because the Chee-Buy belum lagi kena batang. As a result the lubang is still small and as a result the female can pancut jauh.

    But once sudah kena batang the lubang burit is enlarged and the pee flows like air paip bocor!

    Thats my theory.

  6. Anonymous3:14 pm

    The Luncheow* comes in different sizes & shapes. There's the long one,the short ones & the funny looking one. When its asleep it only measure 1 inch or less but when its awake..wow 7 inches or more lo!!! This one will shoot the pee to a further area farther away from the shit,probably hitting the jamban door.

    But for a few the luncheow likes to sleep alot & refuse to wakeup bcoz the NUTS are like cushions that makes the luncheow lazy.If this happens U got to visit the bomoh untuk urut.To see whether yours are at this stage,just touch the bottom of your nuts & cough.If the nuts jumps..OKlah,but if it TIDAK jump than something is wrong ma!!.

    How to elongate your luncheow,well,
    thats another storylah!

  7. JxT2J : Mana mau lari? Luncheow is your property liow hahaha!

    kstang : hmm .. interesting theory leh

    5xmom : i tried liow but NASA said they dont nid no shitting expert wor!

    Dave : kam kam i gibe lu drawing klass !!!
    Ano : Pwah!!! so detail your repot! You must be the Sexpert! *salutes*


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