12 April 2005

Hello! Ah Mah !

AhLian was tricked into prostitution by her “agent” who brought her in from China,One day with the help of the cleaning lady she managed to escape from the hell she was locked in all these days. She is still a virgin then bcoz she refused to bow to those “agents” demands and that is why she has been in lockup since she set foot in this country.

Without money and valid travel documents she walk for hours before reaching a WARTEL. So, AhLian went into the WARTEL message centre wanting to send an message to her mother in China and ask for help.

Indon guy, Mansur at the WARTEL counter told her it would cost around RM150.00

AhLian : saiya tarak RM150 lah, but I will do anything to get a message to my mother in China!
Mansur smiled, arched an eyebrow and asked, "Anything ?”
AhLian :Yes, I promise...anything !
Mansur : Follow me.
*He led her to the next room and said*
Mansur :Come in and close the door.
Mansur : Get down on your knees !
*AhLian obeyed Mansur’s demand willingly
Mansur : Unzip me !
*She did.*
Mansur : Go on...take it out.
*She did and grabbed it with both hands excitedly.*
Mansur : Go ahead girl, what are you waiting for ?
*AhLian do as shes told, she slowly brought her lips closer and said loudly*
AhLian : Hello....hello Ah Mah !!!..can you hear me ?!

*P.S. this time no banglas was hurt in the making of this story. :P


  1. ROFLMFAO!!!!!

    I made you lose your benjol... you made me spilt my drink! damn it... lucky not on my keyboard.

  2. OMG... She's talking to a dick! LOL. Try to imagine that...


  3. Chewah, like that koay cost more than RM150 loh. So innocent.......

    Kahkahkah, you sure this is not some Made-In-China stuff?

  4. LOL!!!



  5. Ah Lian: halo! Ah Mah ah! The fone here sticky sticky gehh!!!!

  6. Kenneth : buden my benjo burger is more expensive than ur drink!! u still otang me one bijik benjo !!!

    Jason : she thinks she is broadcasting thru a mic la !!! LOL!

    5xmom : pay her RM150 just to tok thru the "mic"?

    Ng : sticky! LOL! thanks for stopping by !

  7. the future of handphones....human phones!!!

  8. only *you* can come up with something like that! heh.


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