20 April 2005

Lunton Anderground!

Hillarious Flash !!! its about the London tube, the underground train service, this link were given to me by Klutz

Click on the link and Luff yer Ass-off!!! pls proceed if u are armed with scream-ass (streamyx) ok ?

LunTon AnderGround

*Click on the "PLAY" button to start the flash, thank you*

Thanks Klutz *Muacks*


  1. Wah Tomo you publish here later LunTon Playground people come and kick your ass leh :P Anyways, glad that you like it :)

  2. Klutz = Ng? Thanks too for sending the link!

    Can borrow your comment board, Wingz?

    Errr..Mr Tomo ah, please tell our IRC buddies, I am no longer going there hor. I had uninstalled IRC. I can't stand an old maid there playing hide and seek with me. She can have all the men, young and old, potent and impotent there. Bye-Bye.


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