28 April 2005

Petaling St. BRA Trader

Once there is a stage in my life where most of my available time were spent in Petaling Street extorting protecting getting to know the community there real well. Me and the rest of the geng will start patrolling walking around from 4pm onwards. Our job is to make sure others touts dint crossed into our territory and bikin havoc. Sometimes we also nid to settle some qweilos who bikin heboh at the stalls after they felt they are being cheated.

After a few weeks of lepak-ing kat Petaling St. I managed to make frend with this particular AhBeng, lia mia nama is AhLee, hes bout my age at that time and his parents owns a stall in Petaling St. Selling BRAS, hes a very well known figure in Petaling St. back then bcoz of his expertise. And bcoz of this also hes given a nickname by flers traders in Petaling St., his official nick name is AhLeeBRABRA.

Lemme tell you how he get this nick, he got this gift of being able to tell wat size and cup you are wearing by just one look, he would even suggest what kinda cup shape would be more comfy and most of the customers will agree to his choice. Thats how he get his nickname.

So, one rainy day where business is not so good and everyone is free bcoz there is no customers, we happen to stop by his stall and had a lil chat with him. He then told us.

AhLeeBRABRA : oi oi u wanna see the latest bra design anot ?
Me : What ? see bra only ar ? Erm-moi lar!
AhLeeBRABRA : Got model wearing the bra one wor!
Me : Got Lenglui ?! OK OK, where ? show show!
*AhLeeBRABRA proceeds to take some photos from underneath his counter*
AhLeeBRABRA : Nah u see for urself la!!! this season this new design very HOT in YAPUN one!

Pls. Refer to the Pics below to see whats HOT!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
TangLung Bra, auspicious during Pat-Yuet-Sarp-Em
(Mooncake festival)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Durian Bra, ngam for those whose bf got itchy hands
and keep wandering around without approval one

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Coconut Bra, ngam for enviromentalist, recyclable
and enviromental friendly

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Chinese Chopstick and Bowl Bra, Highly appropriate
during CNY reunion dinner! Auspicious for businessman!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Seliper Yapun Bra, recomended for those who
fits the criteria for a perfect airport runway.

Me : *Lau Bei Huet*


  1. LOL at the liulian bra!

  2. Absolutely hilarious!

  3. this is really funny!


    like that also got ah?

  4. AhLeeBraBra!! hahaha....so innovative...
    So can i still find him in petaling street? I think im going this weekend.

  5. 5xmom : this week i will go Petaling St. I will ask AhLeeBraBra whether he got stock anot ok ? if got then i post u the Durian Bra LOL! apa size u mau ?

    fishtail : Hiya! Thanks for kambing!

    kljs : hehe got laaa

    fashionasia : I going this week also, i'll try to look for him hehe

    alicia : hiya lenglui, glad you like the joke :)

    mango tan : Got size got size! which one u nak ? i get for lu :P


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