18 April 2005

Autopsy Repot

This moaning morning :

Jack : A young boy die ledi
Me : What happened ??
Jack : He got married to a 60 yrs old woman yesday and he died this morning
Me : WHOA!!! they old woman so big appeptite meh ? fark the boy till he kiokED ?
Jack : No, its not that
Me : Then ?
Jack : According to his autopsy repot, he died becoz he drank expired milk !!!
Me : *3 legs in the air*



  1. shouldn't it be "fall down the japanese anime style"?

  2. Wah lew... Itu really -_____-""

  3. By 60, i think all da liquid in da body r generated at the mouth, dats y they can tell a lot of grandma stories. Pity dat boy, hope he wont repeat da same thing in his NEXT LIFE...now i know y some ppls allergic to milk..prolly pertaining to the expired milk they had in PREVIOUS LIFE. Good news is the boy is not alone, many victims b4 him...i got some frens who allergic to milk also..Yuck! they sucked 60 years old milk!

  4. i heard this one saying about prince charles...same joke..juz change the grandma to Camillia

  5. what do you means 3 legs int he air?


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