4 April 2005

Answer in Brief

This story was told to me by my bangla engineer, Amed. He has a frend name Surus, they went to the same Uni togehder. One semester Surus got seriously sick and therefore cant make it to the exams.

The Uni board approve his application to re-take the exams but this has to be done in a spesel room with only Surus and another Tcher to ensure fairness of the exams.

So come the day of the exams and Surus were waiting for it eagerly. he repotED to the Tcher in charge and he later were instructed to sit at his place getting himself ready for the exams. Five minits later the Tcher handed to him a stack of question papers. Its English! *YES! this should be easy!* says him to himself. Before he jumps right into the questions he took some time to read the instructions carefully.

Sardenli, he stood up and begin to undress himself, he keep undressing untill he is down to his underwear, he then sit back onto his chair. Amazed with his action the Tcher walks over to question this behavior of his.

Tcher : Whay are you naked ?
Surus : I am following the requirements of the exams.
Tcher : What requirements ?
Surus : *Points to one of the line in the instructions section* "This!"
Tcher : *take a closer look*

"Answer the questions in brief "


adj. brief·er, brief·est
1. A short, succinct statement.
2. A condensation or an abstract of a larger document or series of documents.
3. Roman Catholic Church. A papal letter that is not as formal as a bull.
4. briefs Short, tight-fitting underpants.


  1. Luckily you did not employ surus. Or else....habis lu mia bisnes.

    Abuden - where you get the dictionary from? How come #3 so weird wan eh? That wan is my church lor but why got bull wan? Very blur leh.

  2. Anonymous12:40 am

    Hahahaha..that is a very good one...

  3. Lol......people unclear of the concept! :)

  4. Anonymous1:09 am


    reminded me that someone actually filled in "Once a Week" in the column for "Sex:" during an interview in my company!

  5. must be the exhaust fumes from tut-tuts in Dhaka getting to the brain. CO2 poisoning!

  6. 5xmom : I tarak business i petronas pump attendant onik, itu dictionary from www.dictionary.com ler

    Frank : glad u enjoyed it

    kljs : he got PHD one leh ... permanent head damage!

    Kenneth : last time i saw one
    "Sex : Very Good"

    Belacan : I think its the food ler lol

  7. PHD ah? wah! really brain damaged! hehehhehe

  8. Hahaha...I enjoyed this one


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