15 April 2005

NOT a Pig!!!

Peter, the owner of the local kedai runcit, was the most lansi and meanest and insulting man in town.

One day Tang walked into his kedai with a duck under his arm. Peter said to him "Eh! What are you doing with that pig ?"

"Are you crazy?" Tang replied "Its itik larrr not pig lar diuuu"

"I wasnt toking to you" Said Peter. "I was toking to the duck."


  1. Hahaha, why the names all sound so familiar wan?

  2. Ooiink...oink...? This is the pig talking. Who wanna see that pig can go to kstang.blogspot.com

  3. Ooiink...oink...? This is the 2nd pig talking. Who wanna see that pig can go to my new blog (yes, my blog has migrated to http://mangotan.blogspot.com)/

  4. Ooink...oink..? this is the 3rd pig talking....the pig farm is at my blog at Beyond Thoughts Dreams [一個夢]


  5. 5xmom : the more i trying to avoid the more pobem i seems to have LOL!

    Mango Tan : who is Peter Choo jek ?

    Kstang : Oinks oinks!

    kljs : oinks oinks too!


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