10 April 2005

Who Can Fart ?

Last December, me and John were in Singapore to visit our business ass-"O"-ciate Mr.Phang. Im not really familiar with Singkapoh's road and needless to say bout John coz the fler is an Amalikan. We are suppose to be heading to Kitchener Road from Jalan Besar, we found Jalan Besar as per the instruction given on the phone and Kitchener Road are just the one on the left of us, so we told Mr.Phang we will be able to find our way there and we hang up. I was driving at a very slow pace to make sure i do not missed the turning into Kitchener Road, bcoz of my slow pace John really is looking around for signs that will lead us to Kitchener Road then he suddenly burst into laughters and luffED like a mad donkey on heat !!! I almost lost control of the car thanks to that crazy Amalikan. I stop the car and let him luff his ass off, then when hes done i asked him

Me : What da fark are you luffing about ?
John : You guys have funny names for restaurant
Me : What da fark ya toking bout ?
John : turn back, do a U turn, its back there!
Me : Back where ?
John : about 150 feet behind us! Go go !! its fucking hillarious!!
Me : OK

So i look for place where i can do a 3-point-turn and headed back to the spot John is talking about. When we arrive :

John : There! LOOK AT THAT NAME !!!! TWO OF THEM !!! SIDE BY SIDE !!! Fark!!! *continue to luff like mad donkey on heat again*
Me : Ok, i dont really see anything funny here, its pretty normal to me. Wee Kan Fatt and Soo Kan Wee . So what is wrong ?

*Please refer to the below picture to get a brief idea of what am trying to tell you. Its more or less similar to what i saw the other day.*

John : Cant you see it ?
Me : Nope!
John : Ok ok lemme tell you, One shop says "WE CAN FART" the other one says "SO CAN WE" and he bursted into laughters again.
Me : HOLY SHIT !!! we both luffing like mad cow kena histeria that time!

It took us almost 15 minits to be able able to cool down and continue our journey again, What a day! and does time flies ... that bastard is coming here again this May!!! hahahaha!!! Cant wait!!


  1. Anonymous1:04 am


  2. LOL

  3. Anonymous2:03 am

    Aiyoh Mr tomo hensem u make me luff till lau sai! I love ur blog wooo~~~ write more more mMMMMOORE!! :P
    -u noe who am i-

  4. Anonymous10:08 am

    hohoho that was funny. kekekekkeke

  5. Anonymous10:26 am

    haha.. nice 1.. keep up the good work.. lurve reading ur blog

  6. Anonymous11:54 am

    ah tui, the story originted many many years ago before you were even born form two shops opposite each other in Taiping. One is Wee Kian Fatt and the opposite shop is Soo Can Wee go n check it yourself the shops are still there.

  7. Ah Wingz, this is funny. But you know wut? Your title gave away or else I will have a louder laff.

    hmmm, makes me ponder now. If I am going to open business next time, I better look around my shop 1st!! :P

  9. Alicia : tenkiu, glad u enjoyed it

    kljs : haha! you are luffing like mad cow aint you ?

    Paxt : Next time i wipe for u after u lausai ok ?

    surfnux : Glad you enjoyed it! I draw that blardee pic from scratch!

    Ano : I think i know who u r :P

    5xmom : Larling kena put title mah ... wat to do ...

    Kenneth :you better! skali you ended up with neighbour with name "TAI YEE LONG" LOL!

  10. Anonymous11:49 pm

    wuakakakaka, hou kau lan siew, Wei who is the leng lui alicia ler? :P


  11. GAN ~

    where is tis place.. i go visit the shop..
    and pass the message to the owner

  12. yeah lor...laught like a mad cow!!!


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