12 April 2005

Spiderman - 30 yrs later ( special dedication to kljs)

Dear All/Spidey Fansee,

I come across an email from an old frend with pictures of Spidey 30 year from today, immediately i remembered a frend of mine is an absolute Spidey Mania. So here i am posting Pics of the Spidey 30 yrs into the future!

I wanna dedicate this Entry to a frend of mine bcoz of his unconditional love for Spidey, he is non other than kljs Boss !!!

His undenialble/undying Love Declaration for Spenderman Spiderman can be witness in his blog entry HERE and HERE

Hope you all will enjoy this adn much as kljs would!

spidey frontal

Web Slinging

Spidey Berak-ing

Spidey Punch!!

Spidey One-Two-SOM!

Doing the Spidey Dance!

Bekside View - Kencing-ing

Spidey Wall Crawling !!!

Disclaimer : All trademark involve in this entry belongs to their respective owners. kljs are not hurt in the making of this story! LOL!

Source : From My Frend.
Who ? He dun let me tell!


  1. LOL


  2. Wingz...that is you in costume issit? Wah, kljs must be very kamtung with you to help him affirm what he had said. Heng tais forever ah?

    BTW, why ler you need to censor the old balls? LOL!

  3. Eh, there's a video clip of him dancing i remember? Have u seen it? :P
    heheh, nice one!

  4. Fark. Why did u have to leave out the kkc?


  5. kljs : WOW! this time u luffED 4 lines! usually you oni do 2 lines! :P

    Dave : its actually a hippo not buffalo LOL!

    5xmom : Dats kljs in the costume la! kljs dun lemme post the pics with his balls hanging! LOL!

    hingnyap : eh i seen your avatar in the forum! You like the bekside view har ? OMG!!

    s0rcy : Finally i been waiting for u all this time. Welokam! When u free to play mary jane with me jek ? :P

    Jason : Nobody forwarded the VDO clip to me ler ... u still got the copy anot ?

    jxt2j : kljs dun lemme post ler :( LOL!


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