16 April 2005

2 (Two) piece of Wine ???

Back in ancient china, an impoverished man could only afford the meanest food for blekfast – fremented rice cakes. Each morning, AhNgaw would feel giddy from the alchohol in the cakes.

Once a frend asked him “Do you drink that early?”

“No” he replied. “I just ate some fermented rice cakes”

When his wie cane to know about this, she suggested “you should say that you had just taken wine for blekfas, which would have sounded more tasteful”

The following day his frend asked him the same Question,

AhNgaw :I’d just taken some wine for blekfas

Frend : Did you drink it hot or cold ?

AhNgaw : it was toasted

*When his wife heard about it,*

Wife : Wine can never be toasted. You must say next time that you had hot wine.

AhNgaw : I know better now

In the next encounter with his friends, he blurted out the information even before the friend spoke.

AhNgaw : I drank hot wine for blekfas.

Frend : How much did you take ?

AhNgaw : Two pieces *showing 2 fingers*

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  1. Lol, like that also can ah?



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