14 April 2005

Fishing Maniac

One sunny day, i went to the KLCC park with my family to enjoy the scenery after hearing so much about it thru the local media. After almost an hour of walk underneath the hot sun we found ourself one empty bench!

Apa lagi we terus go there and set camp lar, sommo dat time the lil Devil is yelling at the top of his voice asking for nen-nen ledi, so we unpack all our stuffs and made nen-nen for the Devil. To our suprise after finishing the nen-nen the Devil terus blackout, so both me and Mrs. Wingz also take this oppurtunity to take a break enjoying the scenery and the peoples while waiting for the Devil to wakeup from his cat nap.

At this time, I noticed something very strange. You see the bench next to us were occupied by 3 MahLartLows, the man in the middle was reading newspaper and the other two men on either side of him were going thru the motions as if they were actually fishing. They carefully baited their hooks, cast out the line and reeled them in when they had an imaginary bite. This went on for quite some time till one of our Tourist Polis walk up to them. As i were only next to their bench i could actually hear what they said to each other.

This is what they said :

Polis : *asking the man in the middle* "Do you know this 2 guys sitting besides you ?
Middle Guy : *folded his newspaper* "Yes officer i know them both"
Polis : What are they doing ?
Middle Guy : I think they are fishing
Polis : *noticed something fishy* "this is a public park, you cant fish here, you better get both of them out of here!" *said the polis in a very serious tone*
Middle Guy : YES SIR!
After saying that the guy in the Middle pretend to pick up something from the floor and began to row furiosly as if they are on a sampan!


  1. No water fish biting today. nyek..

  2. some people are really obsess with fishing.....

    but this one really is overboard!
    total fishing maniac!!!

    hahahahahhaahah lol....

  3. Aiyoyo! So gilaaaaaaa oso got.

  4. whoa!! Liddat oso can ah!! LOLx!~!

  5. Row~ Row~ Row your boat, Gently down the stream

    Merrily~ Merrily~ Merrily~ Merrily~, Life is but a dream.

  6. LOL ;D ... No Comment

  7. Is the polis Yassir?

  8. 5xmom : bite ledi bite ledi LOL!

    kljs : Tell me about it! i kena trek in the forest for 6 hours just to get to one stupid sungai with lotsa fish, my frends suma gila pancing one!!!

    MG : Welokam~ Aloha to your avatar~ lol

    alicia : kakaka dis world is fulla sickos mah

    Kenneth : nx time my devil dunwan go sleep, i'll call you and you sing to him ok ? lol!

    May san : Irashaimasu!!! watashiwa anatana aishiteru~~~ :P

    MangoTan : Sorry to head bout ur blog, Yes Sir! LOL!


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