22 April 2005

Kai Jing (Essence of Chicken)

Caution : 18SX - Not for minors. Parental Advisory, Explicit content!

Kai Jing (Essence of Chicken)

AhKit is only 18 yrs old and hes one horny basket (Chicken worm) and is not sure what to do about it. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a five Linggit . AhKit walks down the street to the Rumah Tumpangan KiewKiew (Chowkit Branch) and knocks on the door. The mamasan opens the door and asks AhKit, “Budak apa mau ?”. "I'm really horny but I only have RM5. What can you do for me?” AhKit asks the mamasan. She looks at AhKit and said, "Don't worry lahhh we can kautim for you one. No poblem."

She bawak AhKit into this room where in the opposite corner is a chicken. AhKit thinks about this for a second and figures it can't be that bad. He gives the mamasan the RM5 and closes the door behind her. With the eagerness of a young teenager he quickly undresses.

Once naked, AhKit tarak Buangmasa and starts to hantam the ayam. As soon as AhKit developes a rentak he starts to enjoy himself very muchi!. He and the ayam really go at it for a while until all that built up frustration is finally released. AhKit can't remember when he has had such a pleasurable Sexperience.

One week later, and hamsups again, AhKit has saved up RM10.Being a satisfied customer he goes back to the same mamasan and asks what she can do for him for RM10.

"Well for RM10 we have spesel show for lu", the mamasan replies. She leads him into a different VIP room where there are several other people sitting on benches. "Sit back and enjoy the show AhKit", the mamasan tells AhKit.

AhKit gives the money to the mamasan and takes a seat on one of benches. Soon after, they tutup lampu and bukak langsir revealing another room on the other side of a two way mirror where two women begin to undress each other.

AhKit is very impressed. Clearly these women are unaware anyone is watching as they begin to make love to each other passionately. Apparently there is nothing they won't do to each other.

AhKit once again feels like he is getting his money's worth. He turns to the person beside him and says, "Dis a vehlee good show for ten linggit eh?!

The guy turns to AhKit and says, "NO LAH! .....last week lagi terror la! We saw a guy fuck a Chicken."


  1. haha, dude RM10 already can ah? The market so bad wan meh

  2. Wei, wei, who you wanna bluff? Tesco offers roasted chicken paling murah also RM5.90 liao. Mana mau cari RM5?

  3. heard before leh...good one though..

  4. omg. now only i understand the joke.


  5. JxT2J: you are SLOW, man!



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