25 April 2005


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Manglish Translation:
- Got one fler KentutED while having surgery and cause his kkc and chuntois kena burnt. The fler age is 30 over oni, he wanna remove his buntut mia taik lalat, itu masa itu lokter pakai itu lektri mia pisau, lokter baru mau potong oni he ter-kentutED pasal lia mia kentut kena itu pisau mia spark and api kluar lepas tu lia mia chuntois and kkc alredi soakeing wet with flamable mia alchohol so his "tools" also terbakar.

The fler also saman-ing the hospital also said "when i wokeup, my kkc and chuntois very panas and ader than the pain i also knot make lafu to my wife ledi". Then the fler in hopsital pulak said "itu kita olang manyak soli, bukan kita olang mia pasal"

- End of translation -


  1. ler....

    lol! ....

  2. hey dude

    bump into ur blog and its really one of the best in the net. uts highly entertaining and damn niche for people that appreciate GOOOD Manglish like yours...keeep it up man!



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