3 April 2007

Advertise With Rojaks Daily!!! - Dooooogle Ads Part 2

Ladies and Genitalmen,

The Advertise with Rojaks Daily mia campaign Very Teh Suck-esFool!

We got so many advertisers lining up to grab a space on Rojaks Daily Dooogle Ads, but today mia slots all sold out ledi, so those who did not appear in today mia ads ... wait for tomlo mia ads kam out la ok?

Anyway, below is the ads that we are rolling out today! Enjoy!

Anyway this Rojaks Daily Dooooogle ads campaign is still accepting new advertisers! We sikalang joined forces with Ahpek mia Free links campaign to gibe lu more value added serbices!

Buy 1 links from Ahpek get 1 free ads in Rojaks Daily! Mana mau cari wei?!

What u waiting for? Xmas ka? Fast fast register in the comments lar!!!


  1. Yay! So now, i needa pay u monthly installment? u prefer Hong tao sar or hak zeeee mah? kakakak!

  2. Anonymous2:45 am

    wah.. what do i need to cut off and give u worh??

    but i wan too! I gib u my armpit hair as installment can?

  3. Anonymous8:17 am

    yeah! my blog featured!!!

  4. wei! u sabo me again ah?!! my one free links lah. where got need to buy wan?!!

  5. wah, i also want. one packet nasi lemak can r? haha.

  6. wahh lkj! next time rich liao mesti belanja me makan high krass mia restaurant okie!!! kakaka

  7. Phooiyo! This wan very the shiokalingam promotion :)

  8. Walauaaaaa!!!I see mine ad!!!! U r really very good!!!I have no idea I know so many type of kama sutera!!!! Even got naza sutera!!! Not forgeting kambing sutera!!!I also fall off mine office laughing ( mine off stuff think I gone nut this morning ). Tq TQ Winz. U really made my day.

  9. i oso wan to buy!

  10. Anonymous10:27 am

    ~~~~Ar free links.. i wonder do i have a chance to be in rojaks ad :(

  11. How cum no put ad for OLIN produck wan ?

  12. faster out...Sky Keep Inc giving u free sky keep voucher leh...

  13. =_= . cha dou. what has the hot guys gotta do with my blog?!!

  14. i wan i wan!!! sapot Cyberjaya geh...

  15. Anonymous3:09 pm

    why i dun haf one? :(

  16. lehbit : monthly installment? kakakaka u keep first la!!!

    cincauhangus : cut off? cut what?? gimme for what? i dunwan leh!!!

    mossie : ya la!!! u think i bruff u wan ka?!

    ahpek : aiyaks!!! free link ka? nebermind la!! i collect for u the money la, then i keep ... since u not getting any money from me consider free also la! lol

    andylkw : one peket??!! u think i begger ka??!!! 30 peket la!

    huei : ok set! which rest consider high crass la? steven korner also high crass to me wor!

    pablopabla : dun sue me!!! lol

    hornyangmoh : u derno leh!!! come come i gibe u lesson!!! i send u my best instructor - 5xmom! lol

    wuching : okeh! next wave put u in!

    sasuke : got got! next wave la!

    linpeh : Olin also mau advertise ka?!

    ckyeo : i bikin ads for u .. u gimme sky keep u voucher ka? then i can use those voucher to keep u anot?!! lol!

    kimchi : i thot u expert in hot guys wan?!

    lance : sapot cyberjaya can get wat first? lol

    april : becoz u never asked mah!!!

  17. I will give you a kau kau rebiu instead! You wait and see!


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