22 April 2007

Little Devil the Camwhorer

Lazy weekend .... dem blardee lazy i just wanna lie there and play corpse whole day! Anyone wanna join me for a Menyamar Mayat weekend? you no need to do anything one ... just play dead and prolly drool in the process, well occasionally some flies will gonna land on you to make sure you not decomposed yet lol! Whois in??!!! kam kam!!!

Lately lotsa aunties been asking me why no post Little Devil's pics anymore? Erm .. actually my mum & bini farkED me kaw kaw for making my Little Devil so fehmes. All the aunties in pasar also know whois Little Devil and their itchy hands always wanna pinch his cheeks and he always kambek with blueblack cheeks.

So, I m putting my head on the chopping board here but for the sake of all the silais that missed Little Devil so much! If i kena killed, you all better make sure you all burn me lots n lotsa hell notes n banks and petrol station and french maids with big boobs and viagras ok?!!!

This is suppose to be the impersonation of Doraemon!

The classic "V" pose

The Silais Killa Million Dollar Smile

His TMNT collection .. hes still one Turtle short ... anyone wanna spare me theirs? I promised him a full set wan! but McD is farking outta it!!! ARGHHH!!!

I m so sick of McD ledi ... i been eating McD every week!!! God help me pulez!!!

Done! ok i m gonna play corpse again!!! Dont move me ok? Dont even kam-an check whether I m still breathing anot!!! And dont you ever EVER call the police to report homocide!!!!


  1. *hands up* Me want! Me want join in play corpse! Where where play corpse? =p

    Eh little devil so cute one. So different from the daddy! Akaka!

  2. Wahliao... your son so besar liao... time really flies...

  3. is that a mole at his chin??

  4. rojak bradur... i got the blue tuhtuh... apa macam? i got what deal 1st... i duwan ur 3/5 kap pron wor. muahahahhahahhaaa....

  5. Your son so adorable - a little different from the dad. So lengcai....... How old liau. Abt the TMNT, sorry lar can't help you liau.

  6. lehbit : u got diploma in playing corpse anot one?

    tutu : wuahh finally see ur face here! yala that devil besar edi! we older edi lol

    waikor : itu is blister la not mole! lol

    william : =.="" little kid lu also mau blackmail mehhhh

    erina : wuah u want step me lidat mehhh lol

  7. Anonymous2:59 am

    Hey Rojaks Daddy,

    If you don't want to eat McD just for the toys, let me share with you TWO useful tips.
    1. You can buy the toys without eating.
    2. Toy changes every Thursday.

    I did this in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore McDs'.

  8. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Rojaks Daddy,

    I'm still new and blurr about blogging, so i'm replying right here.
    McD toys alone cost more than RM3 less than RM4.


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