29 April 2007

Dim Sum With My Folks

Now that you guys are out in the society working your ass off to pay your bills ledi, how often do you have blekfast with your parents?

I make it a point to bring them out for meals at least a couple times a month, I wanna let them know altho i m not staying together with them anymore, altho i am busy earning money to pay the bills and altho i am still engrossed with my blogging thingy .... I still think of my mum and father very often.

We went dimsum today, and of coz Lil Devil were the center of attention with all his monkey acts and witty comments. I am amused sometimes how my Lil' Devil are able to make them laugh out loud but I am never able to do that. Perhaps this is what the canto say "Yan Kap Yan Yuen" which means "Diff Human Diff Fate" ... some just dont have that kinda bond.

Mum to Lil Devil : You eat slow slow ar ... hot one you know?

Wu Kok ... Yam puff is engrish?

To save space so we could order more, we mixed all the single leftover dimsum into one bamboo steamer.

Lil Devil : OMG!!! WE ATE ALL THAT??!!! WOW!!!

The pile of bamboo steamers actually reminded me of the Sushi king RM2 promo they had a while ago.

WhackED clean! Habis! Boh liow!

There are still some G Cheong Fun on this plate 5 minutes ago! serious!

I enjoyed my meal with my parents and siblings .... its good to know that they are healthy and happy.

In this life, there are a few thing u kenot choose one, one of them is parents .... so whatever it is love them with all your heart.

Have you call your parents yet this week? Go ahead let them know you are thinking of them.


  1. i see my parents everyday, my mom always call every 2 hours when they outside lolz..... your parents nvr lecture u one meh?when u cam whore i mean @_@'' my parents dont know i running blog mah , then if i cam whore the food or something , they ask , food also you want take picture?

  2. u make me miss my parents in sarawak...

  3. haha ur right man. spend time with ur parents. my parents now dissapointed with me cause i am overseas studying. deng... unreasonable.

  4. Anonymous6:46 pm

    ok ok me know liao, will take mumy to dimsum nx sunday la

  5. whatmyfriendsay: your story is like my sister's. hehe

    Parents. can't live with them, can't live without them.

  6. TQ Bradder for stopping by at my blog and check out how am I.

    We must take care of our parents when they are still alive.

    We will regret how much more we should have taken care of them when they are not around.

  7. TQ Bradder for stopping by at my blog and finding out how am I doing.

    We must take care of our parents when they are still alive.

    Most will regret later how much more they would love to do for our parents
    when they are no longer around.

  8. wuah lkj so loving!
    i havent had blekfast for damn 9 many years edi..most i can do is dinner..cos blekfast time..i nid to let zao gong mia son kao! KAKAKAKAKKA

  9. WMFS : why u dun wanna tell your parents that u got a blog huh? they lecture you becoz its the way they communicate with u. Later on when u grow up ledi u will realised that part. love thy parents ok?

    sing ngibk : call them and ask them how they are doing ler.

    benevolent : they prolly missed u tons, sometimes we human say stuffs we dont mean when our brain is not working correctly.

    ahboon : hahaha why must dimsum la? other thing kenot meh?

    fei : hahaha i also parents, i know how they feel geh. love them more pls.

    fl sam: you are welcome! Yea ... parents wont be here forever, treasure them while they are still around.

    huei : pig!!!

  10. i go back to my parents house every weekend. I can talk non-stop with my mum - about food, places, ppl and bla bla bla. My hubby say, i very cheong hei.

  11. eh can show his pic meh? I tot u kena lau yee chai if u do that? heheheh


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