25 April 2007

Why is the rum gone? Why Nuffnang Rawks??!!!

You mean you derno yet??!!! (which jungle u living in wan?)

Tis' Why!

They paoED the whole cinema in Teh Curve and blanja peeple like you & me go watch movie (Excluding : popcorn & drinks ok?)

How to join? Easy oni la! Do like what I did! and then ... eh i lazy to type la! u read it yourself la!

Wuah! Got 3Days2Nights Singkapoh trip sommo!!! Maybe can meet Xiaxue also!!! Oi!! Mana mau cari??!!! MANA???!!! at Nuffnang lor!!

on Thursday 24th May 2007! Apa tunggu tunggu lagi?!!! Mailah marii!!!

Easy only, write anything you want ... no minimum words, No Google PR requirement, Technorati ranking also not important, Alexa rank lagi no nid la! You are not even required to link nuffnang (see? i dint even link them) then kasi email your post url to pirates@nuffnang.com put to the Attention of Misiter Johnee Teep!

Am I going? Of coz la! if not i do this post for what??!!! DIU!

Now Boss stewie, GIMME MY TICKET!!! RAWRRRR!!!!


  1. Bet ya gonna stay at Perak Hotel... HHAHA

  2. Anonymous8:43 pm

    hahaha! u more interested to go see the movie or more interested in winning the best dressed pirates to come to singapore?

    lol... and yeah, maybe you'll stay at perak hotel

  3. *steals tickets*

    muahahahhahhahha =P

  4. hahaaahha wingz!!!

    are u goign to dress like a pirate?? join us ler.. quite a number of us are goign to do it.. ahaha

  5. freethinker : Hotel Perak is best!!!

    Mossie : me best dressed??? i wish!!! tarak size la! kakakaka

    huei : nabeh!

    boss : hahaha I think they dont have my size of pirate custome! LOL!


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