17 April 2007

Poridge, Coco and Wedding Anniversary

Linpeh and his Wife ceberating their 5oth wedding anniversarry at the same resort they had their wedding in. During breakfast at their private balcony his Wife said :

Wife : Honey can you imagine this? ... 50 years ago we were sitting at the same spot having blekfas together gether also.
Linpeh : Yar .. i still remember, that time we were both buck naked sommo and I was staring at your tits throughout the breakfast .....

At this point Linpeh's Wife let out a chuckle and hiao hiaoly she said ...

Wife : You know honey .... my tits are still hot for you today as 50 years ago~~
Linpeh : Of coz hot la!! One of it is in your hot milo and another of your tit is in your chicken poridge la!!


  1. er
    did the wife check whether linpeh mia r hanging out of his pants anot??

  2. and she's using lin peh's kkc to stir the porridge.

  3. Anonymous11:12 am

    Milo with extra milk ...ermm it's acceptable but porridge with milk........should be priceless keke

  4. Anonymous12:22 pm

    I've heard this joke before, though slightly modified. Hope to be dead before I ever witness this myself. LOL. Nice one :-)

  5. haha za dou...
    now all the girls reply for the linpeh's wife.

  6. i didnt know u can actually b anymore visual with tat joke..hahah nice pic of the porridge n coffee la..

    but pls..no more other pics

  7. *smacks forehead* her tits numb ledi one is it?

  8. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Lin Peh's wife named TohLinNah is it? LoL...

  9. haahahahaahampeh!! very funny!

  10. huei : whats that hanging out of linpeh's pants?? tell tell!!!

    sasha : kakakaka by that time i think if u use linpeh mia kkc to stir poridge he also boh rasa!

    anon : maybe u can start a rest selling milk poridge? soli .. i mean Expired milk in poridge! lol

    galivanter : haha thanks mate! glad u enjoyed it!

    daniel : girls?? more like grandmas rite? or maybe we could ask laozharboh? LOL!

    Yournickverylong : hahaha if u got the other pic pls give it to me ok?

    lehbit : err ... maybe you could try it out n see got numb anottt kakakaka!!!

    bryan : no!!! her name is VERY-Dolina! kakakaka

    Apogee : haha glad u like it

  11. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Not expired milk, it's YOGURT!


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