10 April 2007

Ahbeng and Ahseng go Skydiving

Ahseng is Msian and Ahbeng is Singaporean, both is best frend and one day they goto Australia to learn sky diving.

Even tho Ahseng and Ahbeng very good frend but this Ahbeng is always very kiasu one (Singaporean mah!) Ahbeng wanna be better than Ahseng in everything including skydiving.

After a few days of on-the-ground lessons its finally time for Ahbeng and Ahseng to get into a plane and jump off at the height of 15,000 feet.

When the plane reached the hegith of 15,000 feet the co-pilot opened the door and give signal to both of them indicating to them that they could jump now.

Ahbeng, because of his kiasuism will of coz wanna jump first la then followed by Ahseng, after approximately 20 seconds lidat Ahbeng deployed his chute as per his lesson ... as Ahbeng chute got fully deployed and Ahseng is actually having a problem deploying his chute.

Ahseng is frantically pulling on the level so that his shute would deploy but nothing is happening! As Ahseng was zooming pass Ahbeng that time he screamed "HELPPPPppppppppppp"

Ahbeng thot its like a victory call lidat la! He thot Ahseng is actually challenging him to a race!

Ahbeng see ledi behsong! How can he lose to Ahseng?!! The kiasuism blood in him is telling him that he shouldnt let Ahseng win this time!

Ahseng : HEELLpppppppppppp!!!!!
Ahbeng : MCH!!! you wanna race izzit??!! YOU WANNA RACE??!!!

So Ahbeng let his kiasuism took over .... he removed his chute and plunges towards Ahseng trying to win the race!


  1. that's actually very scary!


  2. got spelling error .. its *height*

    aiseh this singaporean want face dowan life...tsk tsk

  3. lmao... both of them need a brain fix... now that's st2pid like sheit...

  4. The kiasuism become a suicidal... LOL

  5. Anonymous11:04 pm

    good one!!!!

  6. that 2 sohai dunno got reserve chute meh?

    no wander la

  7. Pisang, tat 2 sohai know got reserved chutes but ur brader wingz forgot to tell them...

  8. Never become kiasu, unless you just want to win...


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