13 April 2007

Lee & Lee Associates is Hiring

WARNING : This post presents some racist elements and might offend some people who cant take this kinda joke. So please do not proceed if you feel that you will be offended. Others go ahead at your own risk! (Its only a joke ok?!!)

There is this Law firm (LEE & LEE Associates) owner whois very religious wan, his fengshui sifu told me that he can only hire lawyer with surname "LEE" to work under him, and strangely he managed to get all the LEE's lawyers to work for him!

One day my frend TunaSingh who just graduated from law skool goan asked for an interbiu in LEE's Law firm and strangely this LEE also asked him to come for the interbiu without asking whether his name is closely associated with "LEE" anot.

During the interbiu everything went go smoothly till the end where LEE told TunaSingh :

LEE : I m actually very implessed with your resume, but there is one problem.
Tuna : What is the problem sir?
LEE : Well you see ... I only hire lawyer whose name are closely related to "LEE" if not .. i wont hire them to work for me wan and your name is TunaSingh ... i dont see any relation to "LEE" so ...
Tuna : Lidat lu abit racist ledi la!
LEE : Ya la! sorry la! this is what my fengshui sifu told me wan ... i dare not defy him ler! if not I dem jialat wei!
Tuna : ok ok i understand ... not to worry.
LEE : Thank you for your time and effort.

That night TunaSingh come to tell us his problem and asked us if we could help him to come up with a name that is closely related to "LEE" and also will not effect his status as a sikh one. After hours of yum sing we finally found a name that is 100% suitable to him one!

A day later, TunaSingh go back to find LEE again ....

LEE : Eh .. TunaSingh, I thot I told you we only hire lawyers with name closely related to "LEE" wan?
Tuna : Yes u did! Thats why i kambek here again for my job!
LEE : Har? but your name does not have any relation with "LEE" wan wat?
Tuna : Oh .... dont worry about that la! I consulted my chinese frend ledi and they gave me a new name and I just went to the registration department to change my name ledi.
LEE : Change name??!! nid meh?! So ... whats your new name now?
Tuna : Now my name is "Mangga-LEE" sir!
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  1. LOL!~
    Sikhs are better known as benggali, hence the mangga-lee.

  2. Anonymous7:38 am

    Wuahahahhaha......mangga lee.....muahahahaha damn nice one

  3. it took me a while to think wat is mangalee.. owh .. banglaleee... hahaha

  4. hor!! lkj racist!!! kakakkaka

  5. Watch your back if U Mangga Lee sommore la ! LOL!

  6. Good one......... you keep your reader laugh everyday.

  7. oh....tat's how he got the Lee.. I scratch head earlier before reading the end

  8. it took me 10sec for know this joke
    goood la.....

    i think should be


  9. check i tot he gonna use 'tiu-nia-sing,LEE'

  10. You kena blue black yet anot?

    Eh, siheng, why you tarak MY List? Dunwan to sapot kah?

  11. Luckileee my surname not lee.

  12. OMFG! Only u can think of all these!

  13. Anonymous3:04 pm

    hahahahahha! i'm helplessly rolling on the floor already!!! hahahaahha!

  14. lol! sejuknya!! XD mangalee plak...

    but darn funny oso lor XD

  15. -.-" canot guess the answer until i read aaron's comment.

    I tot he gona change his name to Tu-Lee Singh.

  16. Anonymous4:57 pm

    ~ hahax , bangalee . took me a while to think . only wingz can think of these naughty witty jokes..lol xD

  17. Young brat> Glad I can be of some help. LOL~

  18. haha.
    diu.. i was drinking water and i like
    splashed some water on my laptop screen
    u siao rojak!! :p ahhah

  19. what does tat mean? i live in a place where the indians are limited, and don't really catch it.

  20. Anonymous11:30 pm


  21. HAHA HA haha... tis name memang chun, Mangga Lee !!!
    sure people remember wan

  22. Yay...Another old recycled Singh joke. Sikhs apparently aren't really Bengalis, it's a common misconception. Bengalis have names that end in 'Tagore' or something poetic-sounding liddat. (Rabindranath Tagore, geddit?)

    Still, though the punchline was the same as a hundred other Singh jokes, this one was innovative. Didn't see this one coming.

  23. nice post ... enjoy reading it ..

  24. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Achar hey! I yam goe wing to fark your arse when I katch you!

  25. Lee & Lee Assosciates Board of Diretors:

    Lee Ah Beng
    Lee Ah Sing
    Mangga Lee
    P. RamLeey
    LeeSeverayum A/L KaLee Mutu

  26. aaron : haha tenkiu for the explaination!

    anon : tenkiu! next time leave name instead of anonymous can?

    janicepa : in canto we call magga-lee one mah! u derno meh?

    huei : where got?!!!

    linpeh : niahma!!!

    erinalaw : haha glad you enjoyed the joke ler!

    Daniel : duh of coz all punch line is at the end one laaahh

    pisang : 10 secs? nid meh?

    patrick : i m trying ... i really am trying to make something outta tunasinglee!!

    5xmom : JOINN!!! SURE JOIN WAN!!!

    Pablopabla : kakakakaka u dunwan to work in LEE & LEE ka?

    sasha : linpeh teach me wan geh!!! not my fault!

    jenny : phuiyo! can take video fo u rolling anot?!

    conan : sejuk wear more clothes laaa!!! LOL

    young brat : Tu-Lee sing got meaning one anot?

    chucky : hahaha alotsa other ppl also can come out with jokes lidis also leh!

    yapthomas : i think i kena taruk warning not to makan or minum while reading rojaks la!

    clement : if you dont understand canto or you not living in a multi racial country then u wont understnaf ler

    laundryamah : wuah mana lu missing so long?

    dreamie : kakaka so next time u can use this chun name also la? lol

    angry medic : wow! cambridge medical student reads my blog too!!

    daryk : glad you enjoyed it! thanks!

    mang ka lee: achar! want meh?

    ckyeo : P ramleey also Lee mia family ka? lol!!


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