11 April 2007

Contest, Spiderman 3 and Vote me!

Who say Read Blogs No Cheok-sou (benefits) wan?! Read on to know whats the Cheok Sou!

Cheok sou #1! - Tumpang.com mia Cheap Spiderman Tickets!!!

Introducing tumpang.com! Now they are doing this promo for Spiderman 3! ticket price from RM4 onwards!!! NO BRUFF YOU WAN!!! MANA MAU CARI??!!!

The bulk purchasing site for bloggers and readers! Why spend more when you can save rite?

Cheok sou #2! - star.com.my mia Photo Contest

star.com.my is having this contest now, best pic of the month WEEK will win RM50! So, if you have any interesting, funny or sexciting piktures you think is the best, then fast fast submit la!!!

In conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007, Star.com.my is looking for images that depicts Malaysia as a nation and a destination.

Click on this Link togo to submission page

And this one is not a Cheok Sou ... this is actually a favor from lu la! Erina and 5xmom goan nominate me for Freakiest blogger and Best Humor Blog category!

So, if you really lafu me wan .... You know what to do la!!! Show them angmohs we also powderfool and kiasu wan!!

Click on the image above to go to the voting page

Click on the image above to go to the voting page

Tenkiu so much! If i win liow ... I promise I will re-surface all your roads and potholes and I will goto pasar and shake your hands! I will build more skools and I also plomise you all that i wont sleep in meetings wan!!! I am not a one term Freakiest/Humor blogger!!!!

So vote 9 me!!! I m your only hope!!! MANA MAU LARI??!!!



  1. i vote liao i vote liaoo!!!

  2. Niamah, yr not one term and not sleeping quote makes me laff till headache oso forget.

  3. woi, put this on the header lar - like lilian. Apa lar? So you can remind your 'fancie' abt it.

  4. Tailoh!

    the star.com.my contest is offering RM50 weekly lah :)

  5. organise another blogger party if you win.

    eh, i am not your pang yau ah? not in your pang yao list wan?

  6. Tailoh & 5xmom ! I want to vote for you, but i cant firm that confirmation letter ...argghh....will try letter!


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