17 April 2007

China Police Utilises Mobile Webcam

Now this is what I call innovation!!!

A police officer carrying a portable "electronic eye" on his hat patrols the street in Chongqing, southwest China, April 14, 2007. More than 100 such devices were used all around the city to boost security. [CFP]

Instead of having setup cameras on a pole, The chinese put it on their police officers!

Its now possible to record down all the arresting procedure without having one dedicated person to carry the cam with then all the time.

This is where all the videos will be stored in, you think this console is wifi enabled?

Erm .. I am wondering, if hes taking a leak in the toilet and if hes looking down on his "thang" .... will that be recorded as well? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!



  1. i think can turn off one kwa..I'm sure MY won't use this. How to get free kopi if everything they do is recorded?

  2. Anonymous5:59 pm

    wah... this is so cool!

  3. haha..if can't turn off then the whole world will know how big is his kukujiao

  4. But look closely at the camera angle. Pointing to the sky.

  5. Anonymous8:20 pm

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  6. malaysian cops shud consider using this. Then those cop kenot play2 and request some ang pow from us anymore. Let them proof it like this rather than wearing those poor rounded white badges...

  7. like that they cannot snake anymore lar...


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