5 April 2007

Linpeh's IQ Test

Linpeh is looking for a receptionist for his company, the job is actually very simple one ... so, he dont need someone with very high IQ level for that.

So, Linpeh put an ad in the newspaper lidis :

Simple minded, average IQ, push button receptionist wanted in Jiulai. Preferably stay around my opis so can walk to work because the pay very low wan, dont think its enough for you to take bus also.

Interested party pls call : 8811967 for appointment.

This Linpeh like dem smart lidat get ready one set of questions to ask the applicants, kinda like he wanna test their IQ level la.

Then there is this Ahlian who come to be interbiu by Linpeh, Linpeh inbited her to his room and said :

Linpeh : before you fill in the forms, I will ask u 3 simple questions ... if you managed to get the answer correctly that means you have the IQ we needed and I will let you fill in these forms ok?

Ahlian : OK ...
Linpeh : First question .... Can you show me the kinda noise a Dog makes?
Ahlian : Err .. Woof woof?
Linpeh : Correct! Now on to second question .... what kinda noise does a cat make?
Ahlian : Err ... Meow?
Linpeh : Correct! and now for the last and final question .... Can you tell me what kinda noise does a mouse makes?
Ahlian : Squeak squeak?
Linpeh : Ah HA! wrong!! Soli la! I kenot employ you ledi! Tenkiu for kambing ok?
Ahlian : ........ why wrong? if not *squeak squeak* then is what?
Linpeh : Liameh!! its not *squeak squeak* la! The correct answer should be *Click! Click!* la!
Ahlian :Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


  1. i stay in jiulai..linpeh wan hire me anottt??? kakakaka

  2. good one!! hahaha, this really made me laugh and perk me up!!

  3. alamak...u ah damn jialat..like dat also can think

  4. huei : u too expensip la!

    jenny : had a bad day huh? me too ... how i wish there is someone to perk me up abit!

    sasha : haha sommo i did this post while being depressed wei! terror anot?!

  5. damn smart la this linpeh. hahahah

  6. Anonymous4:39 pm

    mouse = click click...
    wah...that mechanical mouse and real mouse also called mouse....
    Maybe limpeh can give objectives next time...

  7. Hahaha...good one. I too was wondering why *squeak squeak* was not accepted.


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