18 April 2007

I Appreciate Comment Lidis

I found this comment in this post HERE

Anonymous said...

This comment is totally irrelevant to this post, but it's more related to the one posted a few days back. Actually I have been visiting your blog for sometime, and I find all your entries very funny and entertaining, and it helps turn my day around at times.

But I have also noticed some entries which might not be suitable for children. We all know that this blog is visited by a lot of people, and children too. After reading your sex-related entries, wouldn't they be curious to try it out themselves?

Well, it depends on where we look at this matter- some might argue that we are now living in a modern era, and pre marital sex IS acceptable, or anything of that sort. But there are still people who don't. I did enjoy reading all your entries, but I felt I should bring up a point. It's just a little comment of mine, nothing much.

It's your blog, it's your say. I remember Kenny Sia once wrote in his blog that he has to tone down on his jokes and entries, as he realized that his blog has high traffic, including children.

I'm sure you, a grown man, is rationale enough. No ill feelings and I don't mean no harm. Just a little comment from one of your regular viewers =)

I really do appreciate this kinda comment and infact any constructive comments are welcome. I would not welcome personal attack kinda critism as they do not contributes to the betterment of mankind lol. Its would be nice if he/she could leave a name tho.

Now this is what I think :

First and foremost .... no matter how old are you, you should always be able to tell fictions from facts, If you dont know then ... this might be a good place for u to learn. You will be exposed to all kinda stuffs on the internet and if you do not know how to differentiates what is right and whats not then you are in big trouble. Hence the saying "If its not today then when?"

If you realised something, todays mia children are not like how we used to be .... time changed and so does children. Yes i believe that we should protect our children from harm but what is applicable back then doesnt nececesary means its applicable now. Today mia children grow up alot faster compared to our generation. Thats why you can see now 13 years old alredi got gf! Last time I 13 yrs old still ngong ngong lidat!

During our time, even we are rebelious. The more someone stop us from doing something, the more we wanna do it. I used to labelled my "R rated" post 18SX but seriously.... I dont think that would stop them from reading it, Infact i think they will be more eager to read it!

I do agree that some post here are not children/minor frendly, but... its the parents job to to educate their children, its the parents/guardian's job to tell them which is wrong and which is right. I hope I can help in that department too but as you can see, this is a jokes/junks blog and this is not a parenting, kindergarden nor children's blog. Thy shalt not come here for educational purposes, I hereby declare that I blog to entertain, not to educate. (ok maybe adults education got la .. but not for the underage/minor ok?)

But as a parent myself, I do understand thier concerns .... I will therefore start to label my post 18SX again (if its not suitable for chewren only la!) and I will plektis responsible blogging wan!

Kids ... if you see the sign 18SX please goan ask for your parents mia approval before you start reading ok? Or better still ask your parents to company you while you reading, you know... like kinda make reading Rojaks Daily a family event lidat! Bring in the popcorn too! LOL

Who knows ... you might learn a thing or two from your oldman/mummy also! KAKAKAKA!!!

P.S. : Anonymous .... thanks for your comment and I do not feel offended at all. Next time leave a name ok? I prefer to address you by your name rather than anonymously.


  1. Anonymous6:45 am

    Can't agree more. Malaysian kids are overly sheltered. At least during my time.

    After living in Japan for just a year, I lost interest in hamtai.... no more curiosity. Pls bear in mind that I am not advocating our kids to watch hamtai, instead we have to encourage them to be more mature. Lets start by growing up ourselves. sex itself is not wrong, is debauchery and wrongful actions. just because you dont believe in it, it doesn't mean is wrong.

  2. i sappot u lkj!!!

  3. Agree with u totally!!!At least ur sites so much more better then mine. I think mine sites is totally 18XXXXX wan somemore also got DIY. I just hope if children read please don't DIY wrongly.

  4. Told u ledi, old chinese saying "human also u, ghost also u"! Kenot try to be a genitalmen when u are humsap fella in nature! hahahaha!

  5. if you have been reading my entries... u will realised i have stopped using all the fuck and tiew and all the ma hai words .... opppss... did i just say all of that?

    you're right, children nowadays are very different, but i think we should also play a part keeping things in control.

    just a thought.

  6. Cheh, heng tai, you lost your teeth or something ah?

  7. At least here there's humor. Better they come here then go to those super extreme wrong kind of porn

  8. lol you mentioned that 13 year-old kids also have gf adi.. in fact, some in kindergarten also got already lor.. i myself was shocked to discover such a thing.. O_O

  9. Hey Wingz.... is it true wat lin peh says?....

    "Told u ledi, old chinese saying "human also u, ghost also u"! Kenot try to be a genitalmen when u are humsap fella in nature! hahahaha!".....


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