15 April 2007

Dragon-i Cheras Leisure Mall Re-Visited

Monday last week, a few hours after this POST.

Col : Wuah! you wanna kena banned by Dragon-i izzit?
Me : Why?
Col : Niahma! i just read your latest post bout them, if they know you are the one who wrote it, haha! habis lar lu!
Me : Farkiu la! I paid so much for a bowl of paria noodle and its my rights to complain ok?
Col : ok la ok la u win la ... Eh! tonite wanna go back makan there anot?
Me : Har? makan noodle again? no thanks!
Col : No la! like u said in your post, tonite we makan lice la!
Me : Mahai skali they can recognise me how? Dunwan la!
Col : My treat wor! Want anot?
Me : Eh! if your treat then different story ledi la!!!
Col : OK SET!
Me : eh .. u dun sked they really can recognise me ar?
Col : if they can recognised u thenwhat ?
Me : Then, what if they spit or pee 9 into our food??!!
Col : YAHOR?! err ... u wear sunglasses while eating lar can?
Me : Farkiu la!!! if they do that then we will be very rich man!!! kakakaka
Col : hehe .. correct also la!

And so we went again to this place :

Dragon-i here i kam again!

menu *again*

Braised Peanuts - Apetizer [RM2.00]

Never ordered any braised peanut as apetizer also .... mch at 1st i thot free wan! mana tau at the end kena sucker-ED RM2.00 you know?!!! MCB!

Siu Long Bao [上海小龙包] 4 pcs - [RM8.00]

Siu Long Bao Closeup, you can see the gravy within at the bottom of the dumplings

Jelly Fish in Sesame Oil [凉拌葱油海哲皮] - [RM14.00]

Saute Dry Chili Chicken [四川辣子鸡] - [RM18.00]

Drunken Chicken 花雕醉酒鸡 - [RM 14.00]

This is what we ordered :

1] Siu Lung Bao - Little Dragon dumplings [上海小龙包]
2] Jelly fish in sesame oil [凉拌葱油海哲皮]
3] Saute Dry Chili Chicken [四川辣子鸡]
4] Drunken Chicken [花雕醉酒鸡]
5.] White Plain Rice [白米饭]

We ordered 4 dishes plus rice ... no more noodles of coz.

1.] Siu Lung Bao [上海小龙包] - Little Dragon dumplings - Erm .. ok lar this is still the best dish in Dragon-i even tho the suprise element is not there anymore, nevertheless its still an enjoyable dish.

I tried to bite hard onnit and hope that the gravy will shoot out and landed on my col face ... apparently i failed lol!

Verdict : I think I m alredi bored with this Siu Long Bao lol!

2.] Jelly fish in sesame oil [凉拌葱油海哲皮] - Nice presentation, red chillis, brownish jellyfish with green spring onions. Smells nice as it was prepared with sesame oil as one of the main garnish.

The food texture is as good as it gets! Crunchy, aromatic and properly seasoned! For those who loves Hoijit [海哲] this is a must try dish in Dragon-i! You can surely bet your money onnit!

Best part is .. for RM14 I think its a great bargain, the portion is not small either!

Verdict : Great Value for Marney! VERY VERY TASTY!!! ICHIBAN!! MUST TRY!!!

3] Saute Dry Chili Chicken [四川辣子鸡] - Its comes in a basket! Pretty neat rite? Presentation wise its really attractive with red dried chilis as the main color followed by brownish deep fried chicken and green pepper and curry leaves.

Very aromatic! the smells of freshly fried curry leave and green pepper and dried chillis indeed able to create this very nice fusion mixture of aroma.

The texture and the taste of the fried chicken are not bad, but there arent any suprise element presents. You kinda know how it taste like before your take your first bite. Taste just like the fried chicken your mum made! lol!

Portion wise ... well .... The main dish is the chicken and yet i cant help but thinking we are ordering dried chillis instead. Look at the below pic and see for yourself.

This is how much dried chillis leftover after we are done with the chicken.

Verdict : For RM18.00 bucks, I would prolly order something else.

Drunken Chicken [花雕醉酒鸡] - This is a cold dish, noticed the shaved ice they place on top of the chicken? contrary to popular beliefs .... No! those chicken are not force to drink alchohol till they are drunk before they are slaughtered! Drunken chicken means chinese wine are being use in the preparation of this dish only!

This is not really a colourful dish but it does looks a bit mysterious, kinda like you take one look at it then .. you felt the urge to take a bite.

Taste and texture, I dont think they mastered the use of chinese cooking wine in a cold dish just yet, wine are never meant to standout in most of the dishes that uses them. Most of the time wine is only there to compliment and to bring out the flavour instead of taking over the taste of the whole dish alltogether, I cant taste no shit chicken at all! Might as well just drink chinese cooking wine only rite?!!

Verdict : Portion wise, i think prolly bcoz we dint really enjoyed it .... we dint really care whether its big enuff for both of us anot? LOL!!! Need i Say more? For RM14.00, i might as well goto kopitiam and order whole chicken for myself.

Dun ask me go this place again anytime soon ok? I need a break! And i certainly dun wanna die of food poisoning anytime soon!


  1. Anonymous6:25 pm

    me first.. memang a crappy place, onli the kiasu ppl will go there

  2. Anonymous6:27 pm

    they really think you are "sui yee" wuahaha^^ RM 3 for a bowl of lice

  3. Anonymous6:38 pm

    hahahaha their pisau is damn big and sharp ...

    all comeout from the rest with heads almost severed ... hahahahaha

    "sui yu, sui yu ... hou 7 hou tong ar, loh tou lei - ah wong!!!"

  4. wingz kor kor lets go Dragon-i again!!! Kekeke! I want eat hoijit!

  5. lolx ... that place is bad ... u giv me RM3 i cook fried rice for u better la :p

  6. Haha... i dint bother to visit there again since last time went there.. really beh tahan the price.

  7. wah...brader...u really fuXX them 99 one...hahaha...

  8. Anonymous11:25 pm

    You become sui yu twice, loser lah lu! Wakaka...

    Judging from the size of the plain white rice, I think I need 3 bowls and that will costs RM9, mahai!

  9. I gave up on this place long time already.
    I don't find the food all that great.

  10. wadafak... rm3 one bowl of lice???? GO DIE MAN.. go rob 9 bank lor. their food sucks like crap la nowadays... yiuu *PUIX*

  11. lkj i wan siu long baooooo!! make for me lar! kakakkakaka =P

  12. u lich ppl onli can afford tis place to eat so nvm...

  13. HAHAHAHHAH Next time they will add some "thing" for u in the makan makan.

  14. Hmm...if wanna eat anything with chinese cooking wine then come to my honetown...the Foochow people add wine to almost anything they cook and they taste nice...

  15. Anonymous12:32 pm

    ayo dis place 1st time go ok la..no need 2nd time leow!

  16. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Maybe they should just cut down the menu than serving junks. (yeah, I kena also, order noodles. Deng!)

    Now it seems everywhere also doing Siu Long Bao. And the cabbage below Siu Long Bao don't know recycle for how many time. All try to copycat 鼎泰丰 but don't care about the substances.

  17. ahah i stay so close to leisure mall i also dunno got dragon i..eh siu long bao go jw marriott..1rm more per siu long bao..bite that time..soup spill over u ar..just come n c my blog..


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