22 April 2007

Rojaks Mini Concert in Neway

1st ever Rojaks Mini concert, the event are being held ar Neway Kalaokeh Jiulai Plaza! Coincise with this event is also the BIRDay of our lead singer Mr. Kenny Ng a.k.a. Malaysia's Jacky Cheung! You dont belif he is Malaysia Jacky Cheung? Wait later I prove to you!!!

Now lets go on to the detailed report of the 1st Rojaks Mini Concert ok?

Neway know we kambing open concert fast fast welokam us with this at the entrance

The even name a sauce after us!!! Hows that??!!! See?!!! Influential anot?!!! lol

This is our rekoding studio ... fansee all stay outside n watch only! LOL!

Then our Lead singer (Kenny NG) finally arive! Neway gave him red carpet welokam! TERROR!

Shhh ... all quiet!!! Lead singer in action!

This is Mister Ah Diu (DALE) ... no.2 singer of our mini concert

no.3 Singer - Wu Sky Keep You a.k.a. Sky Wu Malaysia

No. 4 Singer ... Pennypupz!

Backup Vocalist and Dancers Kimchi and Huey

Birday *Boi* so Happy! LOL!

Why got concert never tell you guys? Thats becoz Malaysia Kenny Ng mia name dem pahwer! Our mini concert mia tickets were sold out even before we make announcements! Thats why we no make announcement la!!

Those who did not get to attend the mini concert ....Nevermind one! later We will release Rojaks Album CD wan! Then u all can buy la! Buy 1 miusik CD free one 3 Kap Pr0n! Buy 2 miusik CDs free 5 kap Pr0n! Mana mau cari??!! The P0rn cast includes : Kenny Ng as the hero with spesel guest star Linpeh, Ahpek, Ladyboss and Sasha !!!

RM99.90 per CD only!!! Limited Stock!! place your order now!!! All order please direct to our local exclusive pasar malam distributor Mr. Linpeh (dont forget to ask your free 3 kap and 5 kap Pr0n from him ok?

And below are some of the footage of yesday nite mia mini concert. Who want inbite our Kenny Ng to sing please kam find me 1st ok? I offisially promoted to his manager liow since yesday! Sign kontrek ledi!!! Dun jump Q!!!! mahfulat!!!

One of the footage showing Jacky Kenny is singing

Sky Wu Wu Sky Keep You is singing

How? I got bruff u anot? Got sound like Jacky anot?! Who want go to the next mini concert?! Fast fast register within!!! Limited Seats available!!!

*Entrance fees RM60++ per head (inclusive of 2 free drinks and free buffet)


  1. Oi boh jio one!! ~!@#$%^&* See i miss the chance to get signature from Jacky Cheung liao!

  2. u all derno the truth!! The real singer here is wingz!! Coz he can sing Witney Houston mia I will always love you!!

  3. Actually hor, I just acting singing only, not my voice, it's from the real Jacky in the music video.

  4. Anonymous9:58 pm

    If Jacky Cheung gets a sore throat during his upcoming world tour, they can sent Kenny in his place. :p

  5. hahaha.. ya wor.. kenny can impersonate jacky liao ..

  6. wahhhh... who are the female actress ah?

  7. wah!! u make all the plofit got share anot?? kaka =P

  8. EEEEEEEEEEe why i star in porn cd i dunno wan!

  9. i am just curious, u guys all blog in english... what language u use when it comes to normal conversation?


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